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Dirty Talk - His and Her Seductive Approach

Watch any XXX porno, and you’ll notice a string of vibrant, naughty sayings. You’ll hear a few swear words. You’ll see a woman beg to “Cum in her face,” and you’ll likely hear the words “slut” or “cock” peppered between position changes. But porn is a fantasy, and the use of these sayings in your relationship can yield a much different result, usually an angry, what-the-hell-was-that-for response. For men and women looking for the right choice of words, remember your boundaries and know what he or she considers hot and sexy.

Guide for Him

Pornos glorify the use of “dirty talk,” but calling your wife a “dirty little cum whore” may not be a wise choice of words. Talking dirty to your partner resembles nothing like the pornos suggest. No, talking dirty to your partner requires passion, and care to not say the wrong thing that will offend him or her. So before you call her your “dirty little whore,” you may want to reconsider your choice of words.
Verbally Degrading Words: Slut, whore and even wench all make for poor choices of words to tell your lady. Unless she specifically states that she likes to be called any of these degrading words, don’t call her a “dirty whore.”
Just Lie Back: You’re the man; she wants you to take command. Tell her to lie back. This word choice may not evoke a raunchy saying, but asserting your dominance over a woman can really excite her. Asserting your dominance will satisfy her urges and needs.
Ride Me Harder: She’s on top. Translation: She controls the tempo. For some men the change of pace can provide a great respite from the fast and furious thrusts other positions require. Telling her to go a bit faster can really excite her while pleasing you.

Guide for Her

Ladies, unlike men, can say almost anything they want. Almost. Telling a man, “Stick that small **** in me” may not be the most appropriate choice of words. Use word choices that will improve his self-esteem—not hurt it.
YES!” Attend any sporting event and you’ll hear the crowds scream, “Yes!” and “Oh yah, baby!” Sex can—and should—yield the same result. The occasional “yes!” provides your partner a good verbal cue, so pretend you’re watching your favorite team score a homer by saying, “oh yes, baby!”
Give It to Me.” Let him know how much you want him. Tell him what you desire or what position you want to be placed in. A little aggression from a female can really excite a man, so give him suggestions.
I want you”—via text. He’s at work, and a sexy text message can really fire him up for what awaits.
Swear Words. Swear words add a bit more passion to your sexual experience. Use them sparingly, but when you do, make sure they signal pleasure.
I love your (body part)”: Sex is about passion, but too an expression of desires for certain areas of the body. Tell him what you love about his body.
Dirty talk will vary from lover to lover. Some will enjoy a bit more vulgar talk; others, more intimacy and passion. Your lover will let you know what he or she enjoys.

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