Low Sex Drive - Caused by Male Menopause

If you are disheartened by a growing lack of interest or desire to engage in sex, don’t be. It is normal for your testosterone levels to decrease with age, adversely affecting once strong urges. Luckily, this is something you don’t have to accept. There are many easy ways to restore those urges and make you feel as virile as you did in your youth.

Generally, male menopause is indeed caused by the gradual decrease of testosterone and a corresponding increase of Sex Hormone Binding Proteins (SHBG) that result in a lower amount of functional testosterone. As men age, testicles and adrenal glands do not produce enough testosterone. A lower sex drive almost certainly always occurs as a result. This is, in fact, an entirely natural reaction to the process of ageing.

Since testosterone is the key steroid hormone responsible for both primary and secondary sexual characteristics of males, depletion can result in a lack of general sexual interest. During male menopause, symptoms such as a weak erection, a loss of ability to concentrate, a decrease of memory power, moodiness, depression, reduced activity or lack of interest in physical activities, chronic fatigue, nervousness & anxiety, and overall weakness culminate as a host of the most obvious factors for promoting low sex drive.

By improving your general health, and boosting certain chemicals in the body, you can overcome low sex drive resulting from menopause. There are many natural methods such as taking robust herbal extracts, known as “tinctures”, in the endeavor to become sexually active again.Both tinctures and natural methods elevate testosterone levels to help combat the side effects caused by male menopause. An increased level of testosterone can alleviate mood swings, low sex drive and fatigue caused by male menopause.   

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