A Tired Penis is an Unhappy Penis

A male is experiencing pain in his testicles every time he ejaculates.

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I am depressed. I am fatigued, and I am in need of assistance. A few months ago, I began to experience pain in my testicles after each ejaculation. Each time I masturbated or reached an orgasm, the same nagging, stinging pain returned. It made sex displeasing. It made the pain unbearable. It made sex avoidable. I knew that after each ejaculation, the same pain would present itself. For months, I continued to feel the pain, even while standing, walking, or running.
The pain became so bad that I avoided kissing or hugging my girlfriend. She noticed that change, and she appeared slightly irritated. As the weeks went on, her frustrations grew. She wanted what every human did: a release of her sexual frustrations. Despite her needs, I avoided sex all that I could. Now, I fear my constant lack of sexual inhibitions will cause our break up. I too just want to enjoy sex as I once did. I want to feel like a man again!


Prostate Exhaustion
The cause of testicular pain can vary. Cancer, infection, urinary tract infections and surgery can all cause testicular pain, but the most common cause is prostate exhaustion caused by excessive masturbation.  Excessive masturbation can cause abrasion to your urethra and prostate nerves.

Damage to these nerves can cause the prostate to become swollen and enlarged and lead to and overproduction of the neurochemicals dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin. This causes the parasympathetic nervous functions become too weak to recover after ejaculation. The more the prostate gland is worked, the more exhausted it becomes. If left untreated, an inflamed prostate can lead to prostatitis, weak erections and even impotence.
Prostatitis can require several months of treatment and rehabilitation in order to fully recover. Aside from testicular pain after ejaculation, other symptoms of prostatitis include pain while urinating, pain in the abdomen, groin or lower back and frequent urination. It is estimated that 50% of all men will suffer from prostatitis sometime in their lives. The pain and frustration of this problem can cause men to avoid sex.
Getting Help
Prostatitis is treatable and the sooner you seek treatment, the faster you can heal. There are numerous herbal remedies that can help your exhausted prostate recover quickly and make your prostatitis symptoms go away. These herbal treatments can help regulate DHT level, alleviate discomfort and soreness and reduce inflammation. Prostate exhaustion is often accompanied by adrenal and chronic fatigue and the right herbal remedy will treat this symptom as well. You will be feeling better in no time and ready to hop in the sack with your girlfriend to make up for all the lost time.
Enjoying Sex Again
Once you your prostatitis has begun to improve, you may still feel nervous about engaging in sex. If you are afraid of upsetting your partner, try masturbating to see if the pain and other symptoms are completely gone. You may also want to explain your problem to your partner so she has a better understanding of what you are going through.

What to do

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