A Puzzle In His Pants

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He's succumbed to the lure of a quick and easy solution to getting a larger penis and got surgery, despite having difficulty achieving orgasm even with his original-sized equipment. Now he needs shots to achieve an erection but can't achieve an orgasm. What's going on? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if his problem sounds familiar.

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I have always had trouble reaching an orgasm. The problem is worse since I had penile enlargement surgery. Is my sex life over? I can become erect with shots but can't finish. Any advice?


There's an old English folk-song in which the singer gives his love a cherry “without a stone”, and a few other “impossible” gifts; the third verse goes on to explain how such things can actually come about. (The answer is that a cherry starts its existence as a flower, and therefore the singer gave his love a cherry blossom, rather than a fruit.) 
Riddle Of The Penis
To the uneducated, the penis is likewise an “impossible” organ, in that it gets bigger and harder without any bones or muscles involved. And unfortunately this misconception can extend to the idea that the penis cannot be “broken” the way one can break an arm or a leg. 
Given that you've always had problems achieving orgasm, it seems likely that the surgery merely made an already-existing problem worse, but there is still hope.
Analyzing the Mystery
Ejaculations and orgasms are the end result of a reasonably complex, cascading series of physical and biochemical processes. For what it's worth, you might consider this a blessing, because a sexual response what can't be stopped once it got started might be more than inconvenient in the modern industrialized world. Back when humans were still in disagreement with lions, tigers, wolves and other predators over who was at the top of the food chain, getting caught in the middle of a sexual encounter that you couldn't stop would have left you and your partner as a meal, as opposed to parents. 
Obviously you need a larger-than-normal amount of testosterone at the time you wish to orgasm, but you also need a few other chemicals and enzymes. The first one is Nitric Oxide, chemical shorthand NO. (Don't bother reaching for the laughing gas (N2O) as the two chemicals perform very different tasks.) 
From a chemistry perspective, the stuff isn't very stable; you can't store it in your body, so your glands have to manufacture it to order right at the time it's needed. Your liver needs it, and an enzyme called guanylate cyclase (GC) to produce cyclic guanosine monophosphate, or cGMP. With respect to your sex life, cGMP relaxes smooth muscles in the blood vessels, which leads to vasodilation and increased blood flow, which are the fundamental building blocks of your erection.
Neurologically, your parasypmathetic nerves are what keeps all the organs and glands working in proper sequence. Nitric oxide helps “cock the trigger” for orgasms, so it's very important to treat the parts of your body that manufacture it with care, because they can burn out from overuse.
Putting the Pieces Together
Since you've specifically mentioned penile surgery as well as a pre-existing problem with orgasms, you should probably talk with your health-care provider for a professional opinion on the situation. For our part, we recommend exploring an exercise regimen to help increase your natural testosterone levels. Look for the “Goldilocks zone” of just enough exercise to keep you healthy but not so much that it burns up your testosterone faster than you need to support your sex life. 
One exercise in particular is a simple technique called the Reverse V Hook that can help rejuvenate the sexual nerves, another is Huiyin Massage for most of the same purposes. Other possible avenues to explore include adding nerve-supporting foods rich in vitamin A (look for oily fish like salmon), Vitamin B (whole grain cereals), Vitamin C (many fruits and vegetables) vitamin E (nuts, seeds and vegetable oils) and just enough sea salt to do the job. You might also consider using an all-natural herbal supplement designed to increase blood flow and nutrient supply to all of your body parts necessary for achieving orgasms.

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