Look At Your Lube: How The Right Lube Can Help Your Pregnancy Happen

Why is she having such a hard time conceiving? Both she and her husband have been tested for infertility, with negative results, but still, the babies aren't coming. They've tried conception-cased intercourse on every day of her cycle, and now wonder what’s left to try. Is there anything that can help them to reach their goal?

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My partner and I have been trying to conceive for over 2-and-a-half years; to no avail. I am only 24-years-old, and he is 28, so we are still in our prime years to be able to get pregnant. We are desperate to conceive. We have had tests done and there are no problems. Is there anything useful that can help our situation and make it easier to get pregnant?


How unfortunate that you haven’t had any success getting pregnant for all these years. What a disheartening series of events. It’s very telling that you’ve both been tested for possible issues and haven’t come up with any solutions. This suggests to me that the problem lies in something smaller, eg. something that can’t be tested, and that by reviewing some potential causes, you might find a solution!
If you eggs have been tested as fertile and his sperm are properly quick moving and well numbered, it seems like there should be no further difficulties. However, there are a number of other things that can cause infertility, simple through an aggregation of issues.
Ovulation Information
This may seem a facetious question, but have you created an ovulation calendar? It’s important to know your cycle intimately when you choose to procreate, especially if you’re having problems. At certain points of your cycle, your cervix is well nigh closed to sperm due to an accumulation of cervical mucus. This occurs when the levels of progesterone in your body are at a peak, usually right before your period. It’s normal for women to ovulate before this time, as the precipitous drop in progesterone if a pregnancy is not started is what triggers menstruation.
If you haven’t already begun a fertility calendar, start one now. Cervical mucus can make or break your pregnancy attempts, and if you chart it daily, you’ll soon have a good idea of when to try.
The Nature of the Vagina
Another thing to consider is the environment of your vagina. Vaginas are naturally very acidic, due to the by-products of the bacteria that are supposed to be living in your vagina. This acidic state keeps the vagina closed to intruders, but can also cause issues with sperm. Sperm are sensitive at the best of times, that’s one of the reasons they’re encased in prostatic fluid. It keeps them safe from the vaginal environment, and it helps them to slide back into the uterus.
Prostatic fluid is alkaline in nature, but how alkaline it truly is depends on the man. If the fluid isn’t alkaline enough, the vagina will overcome the protective semen and destroy the sperm before they can reach the egg.
Sliding Into Home
One way to avoid this irritating interaction is to try a lube created to enhance fertility. (SEE: Fertility Enhancing Lubricant) Don’t use any sticky, gel-like lubes, or any lubes that have warming or cooling effects. These will further destroy the amounts of sperm. What you want is a natural lube that will help to protect the sperm as it travels through the vagina, coating the inside of the vagina to keep down its acid nature.
Lubes can also help speed the sperm to the uterus, by helping the semen to avoid hang-ups on the rugae of the vagina. Lubes will even “grease the hatch” of the cervix, even during more clogged up times of the month. With these benefits, it might be that you soon achieve the pregnancy you so long for. Don’t shun the smallest mechanisms, as they could be what are impeding you today. I wish you quick returns on your pregnancy endeavors!

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