Slipping and Sliding: The Right Lube Makes All the Difference for Pleasurable Sexual Experiences

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but another item of equal value is the personal lubricant. Lubes can’t be flaunted on a finger or flourished at a party, but they can turn any sexual encounter into a body-quaking experience. The problem is that selecting the right variety can be a daunting endeavor.
A Girl in Favor of Water-Based Lube
Giovanna discovered personal lubrication by accident. After falling victim to strep throat, her doctor prescribed antibiotics to restore her health. The medications, however, interfered with her vaginal environment and left her dryer than normal.
“My husband and I both wanted sex, but I couldn’t get very wet,” Giovanna explains. “So I reached for a jar of petroleum jelly at home. It was goopy and messy, but it served its purpose for that night. A few days later, I did some research and discovered personal lubricants are much better options.”
Giovanna also found many women prefer water-based lubes. Hoping to embark on a new sexual journey with her husband, Giovanna decided to order a tube. When it arrived in the mail, she realized why so many women rave about this feel-good juice.
“We had a great time in bed,” Giovanna recalls. “The lube heightened my arousal and improved my sensation. I was able to feel my husband’s penis in an entirely new way. When I came, it was like an explosion from my body.”

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The Woman Who Wanted Silicone-Based Lube
But, as most women learn, different lubes serve different purposes. Some are scented, some are flavored, and still others feature skin moisturizers. A few cause a tingling sensation in the genitals, a few more cause feelings of heat.
“It’s really about personal choice,” Giovanna says. “We’ve tried a variety of lubes over the years and found we like smooth, silky consistencies.”
Giovanna’s experience is limited to vaginal intercourse. Her friend Victoria, on the other hand, wanted a lube for backdoor action. She initially took Giovanna’s advice and purchased a simple water-based variety. From this experience, she learned not all lubes are created equal.
“I used a water-based lube and regretted it,” Victoria says. “It wasn’t thick enough to help my partner and me ease into anal sex. The experience was more painful than I care to admit, and we quit in the middle of the act.”
But Victoria was determined. Backed by her own curiosity and a sexually-adventurous boyfriend, she decided to again try anal sex – this time with a silicone-based lubricant. The difference over her previous selection was tangible.
“The silicone-based lube was thick and creamy,” Victoria explains. “Much better for easy gliding during anal sex. No pain, all pleasure. My boyfriend and I were both left breathless.”
A Happy Medium
If silicone-based lube is ideal for anal sex, can’t it also be used for vaginal penetration? The answer is yes, but not without a few complications. (TRY: Water-Based Lubricants for Better Sex) Silicone is known to cause vaginal yeast infections, and sometimes the thick texture becomes too much when mingled with natural vaginal moisture.
Also remember silicone-based lubes cannot be used with most sex toys. They irritate some women and have proven harder to wash from clothing and bedding. Water-based varieties are made for most skin types and wash away easily.
That leads to the next question: can any water-based lube be used for backdoor play? We’re happy to report it can be, but you must use caution in your selection. Victoria didn’t know that water-based lubricants come in a variety of consistencies. This quality is crucial to ensuring your lube provides the right sensation for both vaginal intercourse and anal sex.

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