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Cornus Craft

Cornus is a deciduous shrub or tree, and is part of the large group of woody plants in the family Cornaceae (also commonly known as dogwoods). The bark of the tree is predominantly used for medicinal purposes. It has been effective in the treatment of headaches, fatigue, depleted strength, and as an appetite stimulant. It is native to the woodland regions of East Asia (from China to Korea to Japan) and grows to a height of about 30 feet. It has long enjoyed frequent use as a tonic and astringent in Traditional Chinese Medicine, mainly as a key ingredient in formulas that nourish the liver and kidney.
The Cornus shrub has simple, smooth-edged leaves and veins that curve uniquely as they near the leaf margins. The species of Cornus most often used as a medicinal herb are Cornus officinalis, which are cultivated primarily for holistic purposes. In late autumn, the plant produces small fruit in large amounts. The fruit is collected when its color turns red and is of a sour taste. It is then baked over low heat or treated with boiling water, after which the inner kernels are removed and the fruit is left to dry in the sun.
Traditionally, Cornus is believed to help strengthen the kidneys and improve symptoms of incontinence, impotence, and excessive sweating. But it is also used for a greater variety of purposes, such as to increase urine flow and lower blood pressure. Traditional Chinese Medicinal texts list it as a potential reliever of menstrual-related cramps and pain as well. The herb is also added to formulas designed to treat adrenal weakness fatigue that is accompanied by such symptoms as night sweats, chronic lower back pain, ear ringing, and chronic infections
In fact, Cornus is rarely used alone. It is most often included as a stabilizing and binding ingredient in many herbal formulas. It has astringent properties that are thought to boost the power of other herbs. Such action is particularly evident in such remedies as the Herbal Treatment For Chronic Fatigue, which boasts a restorative effect from the symptoms of burn out.

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