Operation Restoration: Recovering What You’ve Lost Through Diabetes

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When you’re not born with diabetes, it can oftentimes take a while to be diagnosed, at the risk of your other bodily organs. Because Type II diabetes isn’t often tested for without probable cause of heredity or the emergence of telltale symptoms, vital tissues, organs, and blood vessels can be damaged over a long period of time without knowledge. This results in a lowered quality of health overall, but nowhere is it more noticeable than in one’s sex life.
Don’t Gimme Some Sugar
The mechanism of diabetes is such that without treatment there’s constantly glucose flowing around the body and infiltrating all body systems. It’s unnatural for too much glucose to be in the blood, and overtime it causes plaque build up and atherosclerosis, similar to a high-cholesterol diet. This clogging and hardening of the arteries is what causes all the damage.
When your arteries are tight and stiff, blood is unable to reach the regions it needs to. For example, for the genitals to be fully functioning, they need a strong and steady supply of blood. Without that, the penis will never be able to become fully erect, and it’s likely to also have issues with maintaining an erection throughout intercourse.
All Blocked Up
Improper circulation is also detrimental to the dispersal of hormones and neurochemicals. It will take a body longer to respond to the initial sexual stimulus and shorter to reach the ultimate conclusion of orgasm. An unbalance of the hormone testosterone for men is incredibly damaging—testosterone would be able to help the sexual system heal and rejuvenate, if it was properly dispersed. It controls penile condition through tissue and circulatory system health, and is an important signaler for sexual activity in the body.

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Case In Point
Herb was diagnosed with diabetes at forty-two. Apparently, the condition had been ongoing for the past five years, but almost without symptoms. When he began noticing consistent pain in his kidneys, he was finally tested for hyperglycemia, and indicated positively for Type II diabetes. When I met him, he had begun a new plan of diet and exercise, but was still noticing problems with things like numbness and tingling in his hands and feet, as well as a continual problem with erections.
Already Too Late?
“I just wish I’d known about this sooner,” said Herb, “I’m afraid of what’s happened to my body in those five years. Now, I don’t know how badly it’s been damaged.” When I asked him how he felt about his current sexual function, he seemed morose. “I haven’t had regular erections for a while, but I thought it might be something to do with age. Now I know I’ve messed up something in my penis, and that this kind of thing isn’t normal. I feel embarrassed that I didn’t take care of myself better.”
Probing a little further, I found that even after his change in lifestyle, his erections were stuck at half-mast, and it took a lot to get him even to that point. “My wife tries to be understanding, but I know she’s not pleased. We’ve brought some toys into the bedroom, but I feel like I’m not really a whole man anymore,” Herb sighed.
Help Is On the Way!
With this sad story in mind, I decided to do a little investigation into potential help for men like Herb. There must be some sort of herb that can quicken the healing process, I thought. Looking into it, I found the perfect blend to help the body with detoxifying itself of the glucose buildup, as well as returning strength and virility to the sexual system. (TRY: Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction Reversal Formula)
Ginseng is a powerful purifier and tonic for the body, while Epimedium and Black Cohosh supplement the body’s hormonal systems until they can be properly reestablished. Yohimbe and Damiana work to reunite and restore the entire body, through improved circulation and neurotransmitter dispersal. All in all, a powerful medicine, and completely natural.
Happy to Help
I told Herb he might give it a shot. About a month later, we met again. He was enthusiastic. “I’ve already begun to lose weight and feel better, but I’ve also regained my erections,” he said. “They’re not as frequent, nor as firm, as they once were, but I’m sure I’ll soon have it all back soon. I’m going to continue with the supplement; I think it’s a great partner in my new life.”
It’s no longer the end of your sex life if you’re suffering from diabetes. There are ways to recover your erections and your happiness, and without a lot of extra medications and drugs to tax your already overstressed liver. Help your body to help you, through calming, strengthening, and restorative herbs.

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