Naturally Enhancing Breast Appearance and Preventing Sagging During Pregnancy

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Pregnant women love the enhanced size and shape of their breasts during a pregnancy.  The emergence of rounder, larger breasts can boost self-confidence in a woman as well as stimulate the sexual interest of her lover.  The expecting woman may experience growth of one to a few cup sizes, depending on her situation. The enhanced size may last from the beginning of the pregnancy until six months after milk production has ended.
Oh, Baby!  Can We Stay Perky?
While breast expansion can serve as a confidence booster, the eventual reduction can result in ptosis, a common condition that causes sagging of the breasts. While natural for aging women, sagging breasts can create ineffectual self-esteem issues for younger women.  
But what causes these problems? Hormonal imbalances? Birth control pills? Extreme gains or losses in weight? How about all of the above.
Hormonal changes during pregnancy especially can cause the breasts to develop and to grow for breastfeeding.  Immediately after birth, breast milk fills the breasts, forcing the tissue to stretch. When collated with multiple pregnancies, women can further exacerbate the issue of sagging because of the extreme fluctuations of hormonal imbalances.   
Reiki Massage for Maintaining Mommy's BeautiFULL Breasts 
Now, we can recommend a bevy of supplements, exercises and techniques to help you keep those larger, perkier breasts. But we always recommend speaking to a doctor first before trying any technique, exercise or supplement. And once you do get the ok, remember, listen to your body! If you feel pain or discomfort, stop! 
Reiki massages combine two disciplines--reiki and massages.  According to the International Organization for Reiki Healing Therapy, reiki comprises of two concepts: "rei" meaning divine, spiritual, godly and "ki" meaning vital life force. Harnessing this “spiritual energy” for healing remains a revered practice across the ages, and Mikao Gyoho (Usui) performed the practice during a spiritual retreat at the Buddhist monastery at Mount Kurama.  
Usui opened the first reiki clinic in Tokyo in 1921.  Healers using reiki are attuned to the spiritual energy of reiki while giving the recipient an energetic "tune up" by placing the palms either over the recipient's energy centers (chakras) or on specific areas for healing.  
The Healing Power of Love 
For pregnant or breast feeding women concerned about sagging breasts, reiki massages can invigorate the breast tissue improving circulation, promoting perky breasts and stimulating life forces.  Most women can find trained reiki massage practitioner to administer healing, or if her partner is willing, can ask a partner to perform the massage to relaxing music while using botanical oils.  
The essence of reiki massage is the healing power of love. A pregnant woman who wants to explore reiki massage should allow herself time and a suitable environment to attune to the loving energies growing between her and her child.  

She can then take the time she feels is appropriate to stroke, massage, or simply lay her hands upon her breasts to achieve better energy circulation.  She should remove any worry that she may not be "doing it right" and allow the healing power of love to guide her.  Mikao Usui taught that the latent power of reiki is inherent in everyone, thus everyone can practice and enjoy its benefits--mommy and baby alike!

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Reiki Massage for Sagging Breasts

Reiki Massage, performed typically by professional therapists, can improve breast tissue circulation while reducing saggy breasts. Reiki breathing and touching palm techniques can also be used as a breast augmentation method. For fuller, healthier... Read more
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