Cholesterol Erections

Jake loved double cheeseburgers. He ate at least three a week. Allured by the decadent cheese and meat combo, he easily devoured two in one sitting. Jake was no couch potato either; he kept a slim, muscular figure. But Jake’s family had a history of high cholesterol, and by the time Jake turned 30, he too was diagnosed with the condition.

Jake soon altered his diet, eating more high-fiber and low-sodium meals. He avoided double cheeseburgers and dined at home as often as possible. He gradually lowered his cholesterol, but he began to suffer from another problem: weak erections

The Cholesterol Erections
Most men in Jake’s position suffer from a common side effect caused by high cholesterol: weak erections. Cholesterol, a waxy seteroid of of fat found in food, leaves behind plaque deposits inside the blood vessels. When plaque starts to form, the blood flow becomes impeded. When blood flow slows in the penile vessels, men can experience decreases in erectile strength.
Plaque deposits are formed by LDL cholestrol found in foods. Too much LDL cholesterol often leads to plaque formation that can stymie blood flow to the penis.

Fight A Cholesterol Erection
A cholesterol erection, one that is both weak and unsustainable, can be controlled by eliminating the plaque build up through proper diet and exercise. Men too can take blood-flow enhancing herbs such as Cuscuta, Buetea Supera, Pyrola, Epimedium, Cynomorium, and Omega 3 along with CoQ10. Grown in the tepid deserts of Northern China, Cuscuta contains antioxidants and alkaloids essential to the body. Men who experience weak erections and who take Cuscuta and potent herbs that work together to help men with high cholesterol levels can begin to see:
  • Improved blood flow
  • Enhanced erection strength
  • Removal of toxic byproducts caused by high cholesterol drugs
  • Refined kidney function to eliminate waste
High cholesterol is the number one source for heart attacks and strokes. It too is one of the most common problems for sexual dysfunctions among men. Men looking to improve erectile capacity should exercise, eat healthy foods and take herbal supplements to control cholesterol levels.

What to do

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Ryan Sunset's picture
Ryan Sunset posted on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 11:28
High cholesterol really causes a lot of problems. I thought it was all a problem of its own but now there are such things as cholesterol erection which are basically no erection. I don't want to be suffering from this so I am immediately changing my diet. No more fast food or burgers.
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