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Are You Having Buzzing Sensation In Head After Sex?

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By Teresa Doherty Conditions: Men'sOver Masturbation Symptoms: buzzing ear

A ringing in the ears can be one of the most annoying medical aliments. Everyone experiences ear ringing differently, some hear an occasional ticking while others can hear a constant deafening roaring.

There are dozens of things that can cause ringing in the ears, such as having fluid in the ear, an ear infection, some medications and general aging. Many men masturbate to help alleviate stress and take their mind off things, however, over masturbation can also cause ringing in the ears.
The Problem of Over Masturbation
Over masturbation release of epinephrine as a response to the stress each ejaculation produces. Epinephrine, known as adrenaline, cause the nerve receptors to shrink the sound of the reception pathway.

The shrunken pathway, like traffic in a tunnel, causes an implication of sound, causing ear ringing. Meanwhile, masturbation too causes an excessive production of prostaglandin E-2, an inflammatory hormone that change the geometric shape of the sound reception cavities, cochlea, and may be the ear bone. 
Like any ailment caused by over masturbation, the first step in treatment is to decrease the activity. Stopping any sexual activity for two weeks should eliminate any ringing in the ears. If the problem does persist further, other actions need to be taken before the problem becomes irreversible.

The herbs in Buzzing & Ringing Ear Remedy work toward the recovery of exhausted auditory nerves. This two-month formula may help to relieve ringing in the ears, stop buzzing in the head, eliminate cracking noises, alleviate itching in the ear and replenish nutrients for nerve rejuvenation. 
It is difficult to focus on anything when all you can concentrate on is the buzzing in your head. Membraneous, Siberian Ginseng, Calcarea Carbonica, and Fo-Ti work together to relieve the discomfort of throbbing and pulsating in the ears. Siberian Ginseng and Astragalus Membraneous help build the endurance of the body and the ear to endure the stress of excessive masturbation. Recovery can vary from two to five months, although the healing time can be long it will be worth it to finally have a quiet head and peace of mind.

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Buzzing & Ringing Ear Remedy

Stop the ringing in your ear caused by over masturbation. If you suffer from ear buzzing or ringing, you may be suffering from one of the symptoms of O.M. Read more
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