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Thicker than Water - How I helped a friend who was distressed by the appearance of blood in his semen

Recently, an old friend confided in me in regards to a very personal, very distressing issue. He knows I participate as an expert at Herballove and deal with sex-related issues all the time. He admitted that during masturbation he would usually ejaculate into a clump of white tissue. About two weeks prior to our conversation, he noticed what appeared to be blood in his semen, much the same way he would see blood occasionally when he blew his nose. He hoped it was an isolated incident. The next time he masturbated, however, it happened again – there was definitely blood in his semen. Since then, he’s been so freaked out he hasn’t masturbated since.
Naturally, the first thing I told him was to see a doctor. Then I offered my insight. I explained that blood in semen is not an unusual symptom for people that suffer from prostate inflammation. I suppose this encouraged him to open up a little more, as he admitted to experiencing painful urination with excessive dribbling after. “Yup, those are signs of acute prosatitis”, I told him. I asked how often he masturbated. I knew he didn’t have actual sex too often, but excessive ejaculation can irritate and abrade not only the prostate, but the bulbourethral glands, and urethra, too. Consequently, over abundant prostaglandin-E2 and DHT is produced, inducing swelling and bleeding of the prostate from which blood cells leak to penetrate sperm production and semen. Though he was clearly embarrassed, he admitted to “jerking off” once a day, though it’s been about a week now, given the tissue issue.
I warned him that if he left the condition untreated, the swelling and inflammation of the prostate and urethral duct would eventually escalate to post-ejaculation pelvic or prostate pains. The longer he let it go, the more complications he’d have to endure. I also explained that taking the right herbs could improve his prostate’s health. Plus, I reiterated that the best preventative measure was to have an actual check-up.
Since he had good medical insurance, and was suitably freaked out and paranoid, he wanted to take every related test that could potentially reveal the true source of his problem. I told him to ask for a prostate exam, PSA blood test, semen culture and analysis, an ultrasound of the pelvis and scrotum, as well as a urine culture and urinalysis.
I also recommended a formula called the Advanced Botantical Tincture For Painful Prostatis. It’s an extremely potent natural remedy designed to treat the disorder. It contains herbs like Smilax Glabra Rhizoma, which contains at least four phytosterols that feature wide-ranging curing properties. Plus, there’s the inclusion of Viola, known for it’s detoxifying abilities to subdue swellings and dissolve lumps. Combined, the medicinal factors of these herbs and others in the formula serve to be an effective and proven remedy for painful prostatis.
He started taking the formula, and said that it actually made him feel better, overall. Gone was the painful peeing and subsequent dribbling. After he had the medical tests done, he learned that although he had a mild case of prostatis, the blood in his semen was the result of… something else. In a rare case of TMI, he revealed that he inadvertently massaged his prostate while inserting his fingers in his anus during masturbation, causing old clogged blood clots to release and enter the semen. Boy, was he relieved! Not only did he catch the prostatis early, he was given a clean bill of health, too. Which led me to my own problem – he wanted to shake my hand to thank me… what would YOU do?!

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