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Female Orgasm Difficulty - Caused by Menstrual Cramps

Most women experience menstrual cramps at some time in their lives, usually just before or during their menstrual periods.  For some women, the discomfort is merely annoying. For others, it can be so severe as to interfere with everyday activities for a few days each month.


Menstrual cramps, called dysmenorrhea, are dull or throbbing pains in the lower abdomen.  Other symptoms that can coincide with menstrual cramps include pain in the lower back or thighs, nausea and vomiting, loose stools, sweating and dizziness.
Menstrual cramps are classified as primary or secondary dysmenorrhea.  Primary dysmenorrhea involves no physical abnormality and usually begins six months to a year after you begin menstruating and may continue through your 20s or until you have a baby. Then, for unknown reasons, they're likely to become less intense.  Secondary dysmenorrhea involves an underlying physical cause and may start or return later in life, but can begin anytime after you begin menstruating.


Many experts believe that prostaglandins are the direct cause of primary dysmenorrhea. During menstrual periods, your uterus contracts to help expel its lining.  Prostaglandins, hormone-like substances involved in pain and inflammation, trigger the uterine muscle contractions, sometimes leading to cramping.  Increased leukotriene levels -- substances involved in inflammation -- also may be a contributing factor.
A number of conditions can cause secondary dysmenorrhea.  Endometriosis is a painful condition in which the tissue that lines your uterus becomes implanted outside your uterus.  Adenomyosis is a condition in which the tissue that lines your uterus begins to grow within the muscular walls of the uterus.  Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection of the female reproductive organs usually caused by sexually transmitted bacteria.  The use of an intrauterine device (IUD) may cause increased cramping, particularly during the first few months after insertion.  Uterine fibroids and uterine polyps protrude from the lining of your uterus and can cause pain.
Conventional medical treatment for menstrual cramps relies on anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). Most famous of them such as aspirin and ibuprofen that you found at most pharmacy. But NSAIDs drugs have a major problem, it block all types of prostaglandins including the vital PGE1 and PGE3 making your body susceptible to gastrointestinal bleeding and hemorrhage. It’s been estimated that 16,500 deaths in US each year is associated with it.

Natural Solutions

Herbal treatment for menstrual pain are abundant.  Dong quai is high in natural plant estrogens called phytosterols and helps to reduce the symptoms of estrogen deficiency.  Dong quai is beneficial for promoting blood flow to the reproductive organs, relieving menstrual cramps.  Angelica root, cramp bark, kava kava, and red raspberry have antispasmodic properties and may alleviate cramps.  Black haw and rosemary are good for cramps and help calm the nervous system.  Wild yam extract contains natural progesterone and is effective in alleviating many symptoms of PMS, including cramps.


Lifestyle changes should be implemented to improve overall health and decrease the severity of cramps. Regular exercise will release endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.  Adequate rest will make the body less vulnerable to pain. Massage, acupuncture, yoga or meditation, are all stress-relieving activities that may help to lessen pain.

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