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Herbal Treatment For Eye Floaters & Blurred Vision

Small, squiggly black lines can cloud your vision. These lines tend to appear then disappear instantly. For some

people, these lines tend to emerge and remain for hours on in, creating an exasperating nuance while driving, watching television or speaking to another person. 
These small lines are known as eye floaters, distortions in the vision that appear as squiggly lines, unnatural shading or cloudiness. Eye floaters appear to be problems related to the health of the eye, but for men, they could be caused by excessive sexual or masturbatory activities.

This Solution Maybe Helpful If You Have:
  • Blurred vision and eye floater problems
  • Fuzzy vision caused by started masturbation before puberty
  • Visual discomforts caused by sexual exhaustion
Formulated To Fix Blurred Vision & Eye Floater Based On These Healing Herbs:

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, exhausted eyes are imbalanced either because of an abundance of bioenergy Yang that causes redness of the eyes or because of a lack of bioenergy Ying that exhibits eye floaters or blurry vision.

How Does the Formula Work?

Herbs in Herbal Treatment for Eye Floaters & Blurred Vision boost both Ying and Yang bioenergies to improve vision. In addition, the formula contains nutrients that can increase the regenative power of molecules in the eyes to help an individual see better, especially in the dark. The berry from European Black Currant (Ribes nigrum) supports eyesight for mentally and sexually exhausted people.

Researchers have uncovered a specific group of phytochemicals in Black Currant, known as Cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), that promotes the structures of the retina to help fight against eye floaters. [1] [2]

Let C3G Rescue Your Eyes

C3G phyotochemicals, which stabilizes visual input allowing the eye to process images faster, function like graphics accelerators. Many people who suffer from poor night vision, blurred vision, and eye floaters have lower concentrations of C3G.

C3G found in Black Currant is a powerful antioxidant that binds to rhodopsin in the retina for beneficial regeneration. C3G protects and speeds the regeneration of rhodopsin endothelial cells against peroxynitrite-induced endothelial and vascular dysfunction.[3] [4]

Recover from Eye Fatigue and Blurred Vision

Staring from a fixed distance for extended periods, such as with a computer screen, can cause the muscles that control the focus of your eyes to fatigue or to go into a spasm. Exhaustion, along with daily usage of electronic gadgetry, inhibits the regenerative abilities of rhodospin, which worsens eye fatigue and blurred vision. [3]
Herbs found in Fantasia Eye Health Remedy for Nerve & Tissue Rejuvenation, such as Fo Ti, Poria, Ginkgo, Alismatis, and Dioscorea, contain plant-derived molecules called carotenoids. These molecules are concentrated in the macula region of the retina that protects the eye from severe damage caused by intense sunlight. Research has shown that carotenoids absorb sunlight while rapidly quenching oxygen-free radicals produced by photons that strike retinal tissues.[5] [6]
Macular pigment in retina decline with age and exhaustion, leaving the retina unshielded from harsh radiation and degradation. In fact, Macular degradation and degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in the elderly. [7]

Science Behind The Healing Formula

Phytochemicals in healing herbs provide protection against inflammatory changes in the retina. Such protection impacts the health of tiny blood vessels within the eyes. The mechanisms involved in the formula include:

  • Producing down regulation - the vital signaling pathway controlled by nuclear factor-kappB, known to influence the cellular responses of inflammation.
  • Inhibiting the pro-inflammatory signals inducible to nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), prostaglandin E-2, and TNF-apha.
  • Enhancing the protection of DNA from reactive nitrogen species.[8],[9],[10],[11]
Works Great With Acupuncture

This formula works well alongside an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture stimulates the microcirculation, especially the arteriolar diameter and blood flow velocity of peripheral arterioles, helping deliver nutrients to the eye. [12]

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