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After the Women are Gone and the Party’s Over, He’s Left with a Limp Penis: The Most Common Symptom of Sexual Exhaustion is Erectile Dysfunction

He partied like a rock star for two weeks in Las Vegas and loved every minute of it. Now he’s back home and can’t sustain an erection for sex or masturbation. He certainly didn’t have this problem in Vegas, and he says he practiced safe sex with the multitudes of women he bedded there. What he has is an old-fashioned case of sexual exhaustion, brought on by too much fun in too small a timespan.
Case #: 2018
My brother had a hellacious bachelor party three weeks before his wedding. This was not a one-night celebration. It went on for a week in Las Vegas, and even after the rest of the guys went home, I stayed there with a buddy. We partied like mad: girls, alcohol, weed, and just about everything else you can imagine. The party didn’t stop from the time we woke to the time we passed out. In 12 hours, I had sex with three different women, and I can’t even give you a total of how many I slept with over two weeks. Anyway, the fun had to end at some point, and now I’m back home. But, one week later, I can’t get hard for sex or masturbation. I always practiced safe sex in Vegas, so I know I didn’t catch anything. Plus I’m weak and tired all the time. I’m not sure if I did some damage to myself or what, but I need a fast remedy.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. In your case, you’ve brought back the effects of a party that turned into more than you probably bargained for. Sure, everyone needs to let loose from time to time, but the human body simply isn’t designed for long-term sexual binges. What you’ve done is inadvertently exhaust yourself, and although you’ll eventually heal, you’ll likely never forget the after effects.
Getting to the Bottom of Myth

If you use an Internet search engine to learn about sexual exhaustion, you’ll unearth results that range from total myth to personal conjecture. Many people try to dismiss this condition as science fiction, either because they don’t want to admit its validity or simply haven’t found the information that legitimizes it. So, we’ll give you exactly what you need to know: sexual exhaustion is real and happens to even the healthiest and sexiest of people.
In 1956, Knut Larsson proved male rats develop sexual exhaustion when repeatedly coupled with female specimens. The same happens to humans largely because of dopamine. Released in the brain, dopamine drives motivation. It gives a person his or her perception of pleasure. For purposes of sexual behavior, dopamine is one of many chemicals released during orgasm. That’s why so many people feel satiated after sex – the brain responds to this activity in a pleasurable way.
Because all chemicals in the body interact with each other, dopamine interferes with the production of other hormones. In men, a surplus equates to testosterone deficiency. This becomes evident when a man loses his interest in sex and/or cannot sustain an erection.
Symptoms of Sexual Exhaustion

Everyone experiences sexual exhaustion differently. Some men lose their memories, others start to go bald. Again, these symptoms are not mythical. They’re proven and can be traced to one common problem: hormonal imbalances caused by too much sex. Other common symptoms include ear buzzing, exhaustion and premature ejaculation. The foremost complaint of sexual exhaustion is erectile dysfunction.
When we say the words “too much sex,” we’re not telling you to live a celibate life. In the Larsson study, male rats were subjected to four hours of continual sexual activity before they displayed symptoms of exhaustion. While we cannot tell you how often you should have sex, we can tell you the average 35-year old male with a partner makes love two or three times a week.
Boost Your Erections

Many remedies promise to give men rock-hard erections that last as long as they wish. But not all products are created equally, both in terms of quality and efficacy. The most consistent remedies to improve male sexual responses come in the form of herbal blends.
Herbs have a long and storied history in treating various ailments. In 2005, the U.S. National Library of Medicine published a study in which herbs were used to treat erectile dysfunction in men in western Uganda. The study was considered successful because the herbs cured these men of impotence. Even more important, the authors of this study suggested it is useful to combine traditional healing methods with herbal remedies.
In light of this information, we strongly urge you to take Sarsaparilla Jamaican. (SEE: Sarsaparilla for Weak Erection Boost) This herb will help increase your libido and also balance testosterone levels so you can sustain healthy erections. As an added benefit, Sarsaparilla Jamaican increases energy so you’ll feel more like the man you were before Vegas. You’ll also enjoy more fulfilling sex.

What to do

Sarsaparilla Jamaican Boosts Your Erectile Capacity

Sex drive can be compared to the stock market prices: when low, everyone loses.

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