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 Dongshan Duck Head at Shuihuan Market 📍Xitun

It's truly astonishing how popular Dongshan Duck Head has become.

⏰ Opening hours: 18:00-24:00 (people start lining up as early as 16:30). To be frank, if the food was truly exceptional, waiting in line might be worth it. The taste is undeniably sweet and delightful.

For those who enjoy strong flavors, it might be best to avoid waiting in line. Personally, I feel there's an element of hype and marketing tactics involved. We arrived at 17:20 today, and the queue was already quite long. When the owner drove over to distribute number cards, we were already number 28. However, by the time they reached number 44, they announced that no more number cards would be handed out, and there would be no more available meals for the day. Shortly after, the owner began preparations, and at precisely 18:00, the ordering began.

We queued for one hour at number 28, and it took 10 minutes to place our order. However, we had to wait until 20:50 to collect our food (luckily we live nearby, so we went home after ordering to pass the time).

After receiving our meal, we tried it, but it didn't blow us away. It was indeed quite sweet. My initial thought was that it wasn't really worth waiting in line for so long. However, it's subjective, and for those who enjoy a sweet taste, it might be quite satisfying.

In conclusion: Although in Taiwan, it's rare to be disappointed when it comes to food, it's still prudent to approach it with a rational mindset. Not every queue leads to a delicious meal.

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