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A Bruised Ego & a Swollen Prostate – Whacking Your Wiener Too Much
Lee was a young Asian man who was extremely gifted in the field of mathematics, but not in the romance department. As a matter of fact he was still a virgin…at least with regards to women, not his right hand. Of average height and slightly built, he was a very studious and shy person. His schedule revolved around going to classes and volunteering to help tutor other students in math.
He’d developed crushes on a few Asian girls throughout his first couple years of college, but when he awkwardly hinted to each them that he might be interested, they’d laugh and treat him as if he were radioactive. The Caucasian girls that he also admired wouldn’t even acknowledge him. So much for the nice guy thing he told himself.
Lee’s main way of coping with his deep feelings of rejection and the dismal prospects he held at any sort of romantic experience, let alone sexual one, was to masturbate. A lot. He’d wake up masturbating, during lunch he’d go to his dorm room and watch porn and rub one out, and in the evening after dinner he’d do the same.
A Glimmer of Hope
One day a very attractive and well-built blonde girl named Jen came to him seeking help for a math test she had coming up. Strangely, she’d completely ignored him previously but now desperately needed his help. She even flirted with him and bounced her ample breasts around in his face. Enticed at the prospect of some sort of romantic connection with Jen, Lee helped her out as best he could. She’d flirted with him the whole time, but upon learning what she could from him she suddenly pulled out her cellphone and showed him pictures of her and her boyfriend in very suggestive poses, and then she left.
Lee’s spirits sank further and he increased his masturbatory session schedule until he began feeling pain in his prostate and pelvic regions. Soon, it hurt to even urinate. He went to his father for help and after describing his symptoms, his father gave him a knowing smile and ordered some herbal supplements for his son. A couple of months later Lee’s pains were completely gone.
Lee later went on to earn a graduate degree in architecture and travelled the world to exotic locations, helping to design some of the most impressive buildings in the world. He also filled out, shed his nerdy look, and became quite the lady’s man. At a certain point an old acquaintance looked him up: Jen. She’d gotten married and divorced, had children, and gained weight. When she expressed an interest in seeing him, he responded to her by giving her the name of his personal trainer, then he had a good laugh and broke off contact.
Right Hand Coping Mechanism
Like Lee, there are many men who aren’t exactly God’s gift to women and are either late bloomers (like I was), socially awkward, or just don’t stack up well against the more popular and sought after men out there. Guys who can only fantasize about sex (at least for the time being) use masturbation as a crutch in order to facilitate the simulation of sexual intercourse, or as way of allaying feelings of depression, meaningfulness, and rejection.
When a man comes to depend on masturbation chronically, he can deplete his body of crucial androgen hormones, enzymes, nutrients, and neurotransmitters. When this happens, a spike in his prostaglandin E-2 levels can occur, inflaming different parts of his body including his prostate. As the prostate becomes inflamed it can swell up and press against the bladder causing pain and discomfort and even burning sensations during urination. So how can a man hope to recover from all of this?
New Beginnings
If you are experiencing these symptoms stop masturbating for a while, at least until your prostate issues are resolved. Giving yourself a break will enable you to gain back some of those vital hormones and neurotransmitters. Try engaging in activities such as working out, running (or some other form of cardio other than those right-hand movements), and swimming. A trip to the sauna from time to time is also ideal for expelling toxins from your body.
When you’re ready to really step up your healing process, taking a powerful herbal supplement can be just what you need. (TRY: Prostate Exhaustion Relief Formula) The adaptogenic qualities of these botanicals can super-charge your liver and kidneys and allow them to detoxify your body at an accelerated rate. They can also help to re-stabilize DHT levels within the prostate, replenish your body with neurochemicals and hormones, and greatly reduce the amount of prostaglandin E-2 inflaming your lower abdominal cavity, including your bladder, prostate, and urethra.
Natural solutions don’t cure you overnight, but if you have the patience and diligence to stick to a plan, in time you can see your symptoms begin to dissipate. Soon, pain can be a thing of the past and you can return to a normal sex life.
Sometimes when a man feels a little down and things seem hopeless all he needs is a little holistic help to get him over the hump to brighter days, so take action!
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