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Lycium herb that treats everything from anemia to poor vision?

Lycium  plants are short, thorny shrubs that spout solitary flowers and red berries. Most species of the

Lycium flowers have both male and female function and are classified as cosexual. There are actually many species of the herb, twenty in North America alone. South America has the greatest abundance, with thirty species inherent to the land. It is the dried berries and root bark of Lycium that are used for medicinal purposes, as they contain various nutrients that promote blood cell production, being particularly of benefit to women with problems such as dizziness and chronic fatigue related to anemia.

Chinese literature was the first to record the use of lycium, back in the first century AD. According to Chinese legend, one wise herbalist lived over two hundred years by taking a combination of lycium and other herbs. In fact, lycium is known as a longevity herb. But it is also a major tonic that builds sexual energy and endurance. It is often included in energy formulas because of its high content of beta-carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, and linoleic acid. It has been mixed with honey and given to children as a snack with an ulterior motive – it would actually help improve their eyesight or near-sightedness. The lycium fruit is similar to raisins, somewhat sweet, and is often added to salads. The berries can be eaten raw or cooked.
Taking lycium with other herbs for a long time can help to clear eyesight, correct poor vision, and remedy eye floater problems. Additionally, the herb is administered to those suffering from ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and fever. It is also used to treat erectile dysfunction, dizziness, tinnitus and to reduce coughs. It may even help to stimulate the seminal vesicles for more sperm production. Plus, thanks to its high beta-caroten content, lycium also stimulates the regeneration of liver cells.

In addition to the many other benefits it boasts, lycium is also said to strengthen muscles and bone, and is used as a blood and kidney tonic. But it is as an eye remedy that Lycium is most popular, such as in the Herbal Tincture For Eye Floaters. Claims of it’s ability to improve blurred vision, macular degeneration, and other eye disorders are unsurpassed.

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