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Stroke It Out: Restoring Your Penis Size Manhood With the Perfect Grip
So you’ve hit the age when all the good things of life start to disappear: your abs, your love life, your manhood…wait, your manhood?! It’s an unfortunate side effect of middle-age that men start to notice a decrease in the length of their penis, sometimes starting as early as thirty-five. It’s due to a decrease in your naturally high levels of testosterone. This drop in dosage is incidentally also causing the other problems with lack of muscle tone, fat gain, and libido.
Martin’s Misery
Martin was just such a man. An aging hippy, we were chatting one day about tantric sex—a topic for another time—when he mentioned that his penis was substantially shorter than it used to be. “Not that it’s a huge problem,” he chortled, in his jocular British way, “I’ve always been a tad better off than most, but it just gets a man down, somehow”.
I asked if he’d considered hormone replacement therapy, citing the proponents of testosterone cream and nitric oxide infused powders. “Not a bit of it,” he replied, “I’d rather age as I’m meant to, without a lot of help from some mystery method.” Well then, what could I offer that wouldn’t offend his anti-supplement sensibilities?
The Method
Have you tried the V-Hook method? Where you spread your pointer and index fingers around your penis and glide them up in search of the X-Spot? Do you even know what I’m talking about? That stopped him cold. “Come on, man, it’s like you’ve never even read the Kama Sutra,” I teased. But then I went on to explain exactly what the X-Spot was—a specific region of the penis wherein one can stimulate the perineal nerves—and what it meant to give that area a little extra attention—increased neural activity and hormone production.
Not Just a Jack Off
I hastened to reassure him that the process wasn’t just a slow form of masturbation, as he originally claimed. It’s an established element in Eastern acupressure, known as the huiyin point, and it’s generally accepted that stimulation of said point will result in the growth of penile tissue and improvement of the health of the penis. “You ought to be into this,” I admonished, “It’s right up your alley, and it’s completely organic.”
Testing, Testing
Martin finally agreed to give it a shot and report back. In the meantime, I did a little research into the huiyin point. Known officially in acupressure as the “Conception Vessel Meridian”, stimulation of this area is recommended for treatment of any urinary tract or genital issues. The name in Chinese means “Meeting of Yin”, the point at which all the yin orifices might be activated.
Out With the Yin
Penile shrinkage in men is cited in Eastern medicine as either “Declining Fire in the Gate of Vitality” or “Damp Heat Flows to Groin”. Stimulating the huiyin point allows the coolness and dampness of the yin to escape from the body, encouraging the fire and heat to return, rejuvenating genital function in the male. Armed with this knowledge to lay down on Martin, if necessary, I made plans to meet up the next week.
Good News
I ended up not having to say anything. Martin was ecstatic with the new technique. “I never imagined I’d have such a change in just a couple of weeks,” he beamed, “but my manhood is already almost back to normal, and I feel more randy than I have in a long time. I didn’t know it, but I’d lost my yen for it. Now, I feel like a young buck again.” An hour later, we parted ways, him claiming never to doubt my advice again.
Penile shrinkage a problem? It doesn’t have to be. You don’t need pills or creams to solve your problems; take matters into your own hands. (TRY: Reverse V Hook for Shrinking Penis) The results are in, and all signs point to an improved sex life.
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