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Methods of Penis Enlargement - A Guide To Understanding the Science of Enlargement
o understand penis enlargement, you must comprehend the anatomy of the penis--how it works and how tissue can be strengthened and enlarged.
The human body grows and adapts to any physical stimuli it encounters. For example, a bodybuilder will stretch and tear his muscles when he lifts weights. The body responds by healing and adapting itself to handle future stress, improving its recovery time. 
How Girth Enlargement Works
Penis enlargement programs stretch and grow muscle fibers to accommodate a new size. The “corpora cavernosa,” spongy substances containing distensible blood spaces, increases in size because of the improved blood flow sent to the penis. Think of the corpora cavernosa as a sea sponge, a marine creature that can absorb high qualities of liquid to expand and heal itself. The corpora cavernosa, like the sea sponge, can stretch and expand in the presence of nutrients and blood.
How Length Enlargement Works
When the penis experiences an increase in HGH, Dopamine, DHT, testosterone and acetylcholine, tissue receive an increase in blood flow and nutrient consumption to expand the cells. With increases in blood and nutrients, the body can experience greater tissue expansion. Length enlargement, as with girth, takes time for tissue to see an expansion.
Types of Enlargement
Methods of enlargement will vary as will the veracity of each method. Still, some of these methods do provide results for individuals who try them on a consistent basis.
Exercises-- External exercises stimulate the connective layers of the penis to achieve enlargement. After repeated sessions, permanent increases in size can be seen. For example, the Massage X-Spot works in conjunction with Botanical Remedy to increase the length. While other exercises, such as Jeqling, may rupture blood vessels and cause bruising, so please be aware of the dangers associated with some stretching exercises.
Surgery—Risky and expensive, surgery should be the last resort for men. Most penile surgeries remove thigh or abdomen fat to place under the skin of the shaft, increasing some girth or length. Other surgeries focus on removing fat from the pubic bone to increase the length. Surgery, however, can damage nerve endings and rupture blood vessels, causing impotence.
Stretching and Lifting exercises – Known to increase length, stretching and lifting techniques place weights around the penis shaft to expand tissue. However, men who attempt too much weight often experience bruising and fractures.  
Herbal Remedies-- Increase length and girth by targeting the tissue and penile chambers for maximum growth. Through use of all-natural ingredients, supplements often include herbs with a storied history for increasing the size of the girth or length. 
Men looking to improve length or girth should remain mindful of the options and possible dangers of each procedure. Most men looking to improve their size should too notice if they are considered average in which no major increase may be necessary. For men born with really small penis, 4 inches in length or less (or 2 inches in thickness), a size boost can prove helpful that they do need a size boost. 
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