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Mouthing Off – A Woman's Guide to Making Cunnilingus More Pleasurable
Oral sex can be an awkward topic for many women. After all, our society is unfortunately very paternalistic, and quite often, a woman's satisfaction is still seen as dirty or impure. But forget about the narrow-minded bigots of the world for a moment. Let's talk about how to make oral sex more enjoyable for you. If your boyfriend is still poking around your vagina with his tongue, like some kind of dimwitted criminal trying unsuccessfully to pick a lock, then it's time to determine what's going wrong.
Oral Sex 101
When performed correctly, cunnilingus can be one of the most pleasurable experiences in the world for a woman, but sadly, too many people, i.e. guys, have no idea how to do it properly. And here's a hint: if the whole thing feels awkward and non-stimulating for you, he's probably doing it wrong. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but we'll get to that in a minute. Here are some ways to start improving the experience right now:
**According to WebMD, your most orgasm-inducing muscle contractions are in the lower pelvis. It's the same muscle that allows you to stop the flow of urine mid-stream.**
Get to know your body. Remarkably, some women have never taken the time to explore their own body and learn what satisfies them. Again, cultural biases and pressures can have a lot to do with this lack of exploration, but you should take some time to learn what makes you feel good. Masturbation can be a great way to figure out your own sexual rhythms. Once you understand what works for you, use that to teach your partner. Guide his movements, intensity and rhythms.
Be open and honest. The truth is guys have no idea what they're doing. And what's worse, a lot of guys learn about how to please a woman by watching porn. This is like learning how to take a successful road trip by watching “The Hangover.” So if he does something that doesn't work for you, let him know. And if he's missing an important spot, or moving too quickly or slowly, speak up. Eventually he'll learn, and then you can lay back and enjoy the experience.
Tense the muscles in your lower pelvis while relaxing your brain. According to WebMD, the combination of muscle tension and absolute focus can increase a woman's chances of climaxing. Don't worry about what your body looks like, and don't worry about all of the work that you have to complete tomorrow. Just stay in the moment.
**When you contract the muscles in your genital region, you improve the blood flow to that specific area. This allows for greater stimulation and sensitivity.”
Address any personal issues you may have with sexual sensitivity. If he seems to be hitting all the right points, but you just aren't feeling stimulated, you may be suffering from lost sexual sensitivity. (TRY: Orgasm Intensifying Formula) This can be a side effect from a drug or birth control pill, or the result of a surgery, or even just a naturally occurring dysfunction. There are herbal remedies available that can help you to restore your sensitivity.
When the Feeling is Right, You'll Know It
When your partner is doing it wrong, it can be difficult to ascertain a precise reason. But once he gets it right, you'll know it immediately. That's the ultimate goal here. So take time to practice, experiment, and enjoy the adventure. Some women find climaxing easier from oral stimulation than from penetration, so it's definitely worth exploring. It just may become your next addiction.
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