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Deeper Penetration For Males With a Small Penis: Little Things Mean a Lot
Size Does Not Reflect Quality
There was once a love song entitled: “Little Things Mean A Lot.” Although Joni James was singing about basic consideration, she was right, both cosmically and sexually. Just as small-breasted women may feel self-conscious, men with small penises have their own fears of inadequacy. 
The good news is that while these feelings are completely understandable, they aren’t at all relevant to either beauty or sexual prowess. All breasts are beautiful, and when it comes to pleasing a woman, the width of the penis is far more important than the length. Although a larger organ has its advantages, it can also make intercourse painful.
Be creative in your lovemaking
Keep sex fresh and new. By employing new tactics, such as extended foreplay with specific positions that render deep penetration, a man with a small penis can please any woman. Here are a few to consider, some with the man on top and some with him on the bottom.
Uh, Taxi
Known for its tight squeeze, Uh, Taxi allows a man with a small penis to provide deep and consistent penetration. Most men with a smaller-than-average size cannot perform the deeper penetration that women like. And for men with sensitive egos, a smaller package can create self-esteem issues, a problem that can further lead to other sexual-related issues. 
What’s great about Uh, Taxi is men get the well-needed confidence boost to their egos, and ladies receive a deeper penetration they long yearn for. In addition, it works well for spontaneous, spur-of-the moment sex, while making it susceptible to fantasy because others may walk in on couples at any second. 
Kissing Booth
Your partner may have a smaller penis, but he too may lack the romance and intimacy you need. Kissing Booth accommodates a smaller penis, giving women an empowering position for depth and speed. According to studies, couples who share intimate kisses are happier and experience a closer bond. Kissing Booth welcomes direct eye contact and intimate kisses. Couple these advantages with easier and plentiful orgasms, and women will love Kissing Booth. 
Poking Fun 
By lengthening the opening of the vagina, a man with a small penis can provide deep and consistent penetration. Poking Fun includes another added value—the prevention of direct eye contact. According to some studies, couples who are barred from seeing their partner’s face experience a higher threshold of stimulation. And because a woman cannot see the penis go in, the unknown expectations generate a higher sense of pleasure for a woman. So ladies and gentlemen, your brain can roam along the shores of Montezuma all the way to the shores of Tripoli, if desired.
Remember This Trio: Creativity, Attitude and Gratitude
Remember Theodore Roosevelt’s words about walking softly and carrying a big stick. Although he spoke of a big stick specifically, it is the attitude behind the stick that matter, not the actual size. Learn to be happy with what nature has bestowed upon you, whether it be small breasts or a small penis.
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