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The Ups and Downs of Impotence: Age, Arteries and Blood Flow
Experts believe that impotence affect 10 to 15 million American men. Estimating its exact incidence is difficult because there are many variations involved in its definition. Impotence can refer to a total inability to achieve erection or the tendency to sustain erections. In about 85 percent of reported incidents, impotence had a physical cause related to the blood supply to the penis.

For men, impotence causes embarrassment, and according to the Chinese proverbs, “Of all the thirty-six alternatives, running away is best.”
Find Out Root Cause
Preventing the problem means understanding the sources of this debilitating condition, sources that include damage to the arteries, smooth muscles and fibrous tissues. The good news—the damage is treatable for all affected age groups.
As the body ages so do the arteries. They become ineffective, which cause blood clots and hinder blood flow. When plaque composed of fat, cholesterol and calcium builds up inside the arteries, the body can experience a cardiovascular disease known as progressive atherosclerosis.
The psychological impact of impotence remains the most destructive aspect. It can lower a man’s self esteem. It can cause depression. It can even cause feelings of anger. 
The assumption that sexual power is only about being able to build a complete erector set is incorrect. Intimacy and sex remain inter-related, but supporting your partner (a soft place to fall--no pun intended) and providing proper communication about the problem pave the way to resolution.
What To Do
Experts suggest several therapeutic approaches to improve erectile strength. Don’t smoke, do moderate exercise and eat a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables and low in fat. Food nutrients are the key to maintaining healthy erections.

Other known approaches for improving erectile strength involve taking herbal ingredients found in Anti-Aging Herbal Remedies for Arteries and Erection Problems. Curculigo and Epimedium, both found in the formula, can enhance erectile capacity while preventing seminal leakages that too can weaken an erection. Other ingredients, such as Mucuna Pruriens, can stimulate the production of testosterone while enhancing the human growth hormones necessary for aging arteries.

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