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Abdominal Obesity Causes Low Testosterone With Potentially Dire
I remember meeting a guy named Jason Starxx in high school. He was a portly fellow who often was the source of light bantering due to his weight. The girls teased him. The boys harassed him. Event the staff members took verbal shots at him.
Jason and I were friends, so I often defended him against the persiflage of the other students. As we grew older, he gained more weight, especially around his midsection. And at the age of 32, Jason had ballooned to 380 pounds. He was at risk for diabetes. He had high cholesterol. And he admitted to me in a drunken stupor that he too suffered from low sex drive. 
As time progressed, Jason and his wife remained distant. She was upset by his incessant eating habits and low sexual desires. She once said to him “I want a real man! Not some overweight slob who cannot satisfy my needs.” 
Jason, like many obese men, suffers from low sex drive. But the issue may not be linked to just old age, obesity may influence the erectile strength of a man. And according to recent studies, obesity, specifically abdominal fat around the belly, resulted in low sex drive. 
Abdominal Fat and Low Sex Drive?
Abdominal obesity, the high fat content around the belly and waist, makes a man look pregnant. And if you saw Jason, who had a long pony tale and some unfaltering man boobs, you too would think that he were pregnant. Granted, his burly voice and beard made people think “Ok, maybe she cannot be pregnant for she is a he.” 
And while Jason was least concerned about his abdominal fat, he was worried about the risk for hypertension, type II diabetes, colorectal cancer and even sleep apnea that his heavy frame could yield. But why is any of this important to sex? 
Think of fat tissues as blockers of testosterone. And think of food as the literal destroyers of testosterone production. Jason loved food. He loved pizza. He loved burgers. He loved skeety and butter. He ate and enjoyed foods that blocked the production of testosterone, a man’s main hormone that controls the development of the testes, pubic hair and sexual desires. 
Thanks to Jason’s high abdominal fat, the tissue leads to the production of aromatase, a fat-tissue that breaks down testosterone and converts “T” into estradiol. For Jason, the higher his estradiol levels got, the less sexual desire he experienced.
Finding Help
Once Jason’s wife belittled him in front of me. Jason wanted help. He changed his diet, and even asked me for any supplements he could take. I consulted some experts, and they recommended Natural Male Libido Supplement & Pills. According to the experts, the formula helped jumpstart testosterone production to combat the buildup of aromatase and estradiol in the body.
While the formula could help improve sexual desires, Jason still had to lose some weight. So he dieted. He lost 50 pounds. And he eventually reported to me that after taking the supplement, which contained blood-enhancing herbs, such as Curculigo, Cuscuta, Cnidium, Cynomorium and Morinda, that his sex drive improved.

Today, he’s a lot thinner and much more sexually active. Thanks to proper diet and supplements, Jason found what he wanted—happiness.

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