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The Usual Suspects - The primary cause of male infertility is too few sperm

It’s always an unfortunate circumstance when a man learns that he may be the primary reason behind an inability of his ‘significant other’ to become pregnant. Living with the knowledge that one is infertile can be profoundly devastating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By taking the time to understand the many various potential causes of male infertility, ways to overcome them will be uncovered. Across the board, reports indicate that an unprecedented rise of male infertility has occurred over the last few decades. The reason – low sperm counts.
Many believe that the dramatic decline in sperm counts is the result of over-exposure to environmental toxins. Highly toxic substances can interrupt proper DNA replications or cause mutations. Despite such cryptic possibilities, a low sperm count is typically due to natural deficiencies and is easily treatable.
Emotional stress and overheated testicles may impair fertility. Drug use, such as that of cocaine or marijuana, may reduce the number of sperm by as much as half while affecting the sperm’s mobility. Tobacco has similar effects; it hinders sperm production, motility and lifespan. Smoking introduces oxidative toxins that can damage the DNA inside the sperm cells.
A man’s diet may also have a profound effect on potency. Malnutrition and deficiencies of certain nutrients may be particular risk factors that adversely affect sex drives. Obesity can deter respiration and blood flow to the penis and is even linked to testicle shrinkage. Physically fit men may find that seat pressure, shocks and vibrations from frequent bicycling may also affect sperm count. Of course, radiation treatments and x-rays exposure can critically affect any rapidly dividing cell. The cells that produce sperm are quite sensitive to such damage.
Fortunately, whatever the cause, there are a wide variety of ways to maximize the production of sperm. From exercises, specialized food, and natural herbal remedies such as Walking Sperm Bank - Natural Ways To Increase Male Fertility & Semen Volume, the matter of male infertility is rapidly becoming an issue of the past.

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