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Penis Size of 5 Inches or More: A Man’s Guide to an Even Larger Penis

Jake was 25 years old—and he had an average penis. Okay, he was a bit above normal at 5.5 inches and a few centimeters, but Jake didn’t like being seen as “normal.” No, he wanted more. He wanted the penis of a porn star. He wanted to be remembered, desired and called up in the middle of the night being asked—no being begged--to stick his big, long…you know the rest. Unfortunately, Jake had to settle for a modest size.
But you’re not Jake, no, you’re still reading this, and you’re probably still asking the same question: “How do I get the penis size of a porn star!”

Length or Girth: Knowing the Difference

You might want to increase your modest length a bit more, but according to more and more women, girth remains the most desired modification a man can achieve. Sure, length gives you the capacity to perform deeper penetration, but girth grants you the ability to stimulate the clitoris with more accuracy than length. Men who want a bigger length are not without their disadvantages. Benefits of an improved length include:

  • Improved stimulation during certain sex position
  • Easier performance of different sex positions
Increasing Length

For men interested in just length increases can try Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth. The formula includes hormone-like substances that provide men with an upgrade to their size issues while injecting added blood into the penis for a longer, more desirable penis to make any man look and feel, well, like a porn star.

Increasing Girth

Men more interested in girth growth can try Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement that pumps more blood into the penis while injecting the body with nutrient-rich supplements that provide the necessary growth factors to increase the tissue size.
If you’re tired of feeling depressed about your current size, you might consider some of these options for improving your penis size. With a proper diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, you can take these supplements to give you the size you’ve always wanted. 

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