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A Depressed Libido - It Might Be A Gluten Problem
Problems with libido are defined as a lack of sexual desire and affect both genders. In men it often means difficulty maintaining an erection during sex. There are many causes of low libido in men: Diet, weight, stress, fear, medications, street drugs, food allergies/sensitivity and pain are among the most common.  

With so many different causes it can be tricky to find the main cause or combination of causes. Start with keeping an eye on how your diet affects your body.
Gluten Problems
Surprising as it is, food sensitivities can cause people to lose sleep, feel foggy headed, get headaches, weight gain, and affects the ability to concentrate, just to mention a few. Full-blown allergies can be tested for. But if you are sensitive, you can still experience one or more of the symptoms, and the tests will not usually pick it up. One of the most common is a Gluten sensitivity.  It can cause all of the symptoms mentioned.

Some people never get it properly diagnosed. When you have a sensitivity, like Gluten it can fatigue you mentally and physically making you more susceptible to depression.  A food sensitivity can go unnoticed for some time, draining and exhausting the mind and body. There is no question that depression directly affects libido.
If you think you might have a food sensitivity, you might benefit from removing the suspected food or beverage item from your diet. Keep this item out of your diet for at least two weeks.  Then eat some of it and see if your symptoms reappear.

Watch your digestive system for clues. If you feel pain, get bloated, belch and excess acid.  If these symptoms appear sometime over the next 24 hours, then your body is telling you to remove it from your diet before it develops further into an allergy.
This approach to the diet will take some time.  While you are searching for answers in your diet you may be wondering what you can do in the meantime to boost the libido.

In The Mean Time
  • Stinging Nettle Capsules or Tea a couple hours before sex is known for helping testosterone to flow freely and has proven in studies to boost sexual vitality. It has many other health benefits such as help with hypertension. Some people may develop a rash from Stinging Nettle, if this happens, stop using it immediately and try one of the other two choices.
  • Catuaba, Cuscuta, Cynomorium, and Epimedium Capsules or tea which naturally contains testosterone and progesterone. (List of Testosterone Herbs)
  • Drink a half of a cup of carrot juice a day for a couple of weeks.  This will increase sex hormones and help with sexual weakness. 

The efforts to get food sensitive items out of your diet and adding a couple herbal remedies will perk up your whole system. When the body is perked up, well, you guessed it: so will the libido!

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