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Approaches to Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction Damaged by Prostate Growth
Joe and Rich had been best friends for years, ever since college. Now in the mid-40s they remained as tight as ever and had helped each other avoid some potentially disastrous relationships with compromised women. They confided in each other with full disclosure; there was no BS between them and recently both realized that they were suffering from another potentially disastrous situation: impotence.
Their symptoms started to come out in bit and pieces; they’d tell each other that they might have been too drunk during sexual conquests at first. Then they started realizing that they couldn’t get it up even during daytime flings. And while both wanted to blame their age on the problem, perhaps prostate enlargement played a significant role in the depletion of their sexual capacities. Needless to say this was pretty disconcerting as they each considered themselves to be otherwise healthy men with erectile dysfunction.
Two Different Approaches
They way in which they sought out the challenge of finding a solution to their erection problems was very different. Joe was a more narrow-minded guy, and more of the impatient type who preferred impulsive, quick-fixes to problems. Rich had more of a patient personality who liked to do research, and considered all available options before making important decisions. Rich even tried to find a scientific relationship between erectile dysfunction and prostate enlargement.
Joe struck first, going to his physician and getting an erectile dysfunction prescription, even though Rich had touched on how medical drugs can have their drawbacks in terms of side-effects. After conducting more research, Rich decided to try a Chinese herbal solution even though it took a little longer. In the meantime, Joe bragged about how he was now getting “hard stiffies” due to the medication and his sexual partners were very pleased. But his secondary symptoms related to prostate growth too kept agitating his sexual abilities. And even worse, some medications that reduced prostate enlargement potential created worse erectile dysfunction issues. 
By the time Rich had begun taking his herbal mixture however, Joe had started to feel chest pains and nausea, even to the point of throwing up. His libido had also begun to ebb and his erections had started to soften. Rich saw slower but more marked changes in his erection quality; and eventually he reported that his erections were once again rock-hard, and not only that but long lasting as well. Soon afterward, begrudgingly Joe ordered the same herbal solution...
Hidden Hazards
Yes, the medical community loves to boast about the benefits of pharmaceutical-grade erectile enhancement drugs and how they can help men to recover from erectile dysfunction (E.D.). But rarely do you hear any of them talk about the many harmful and potentially severely damaging side-effects that these drugs can cause. That part of the conversation is glossed over just like in the many pharmaceutical industry’s advertisements on TV…you know where near the end of the ad a woman’s calm voice quickly goes over all of the harmful side-effects that may be caused by the particular drug put forth.
Have medical drugs artificially stimulated certain men’s ability to produce firmer erections? You betcha - but botanical remedies can do the same thing (although naturally) and since they are all-natural they have no potentially harmful side-effects. These herbs can not only cure and reverse adverse symptoms but they can, at the same time, improve a person’s overall health; both mentally and physically while effectively ending inflammation in the prostate and improving erectile dysfunction.

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