One of These Balls is Not Like the Other

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Testicular Pain & Injury Symptoms: testicle shrinkage Age: 18 - 35

Testicular shrinkage is extremely common, but the problem is usually preventable and treatable. Learn what you can do if you're noticing shrinkage in all the wrong places.

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Is there anything for the health of my testicles? I have one testicle that is normal size and then the other is about 2/3 of the size. I am 30 years old and they have been like this since I first hit puberty. Can you give me some more information or a solution to help me?


There's nothing like a lopsided scrotum to leave you feeling awkward in the bedroom. From a purely scientific standpoint, symmetry is almost non-existent. Most women have slight variations in the size of each breast, and even testicles can appear a bit off balance. But if you're noticing a significant size difference from one marble to the next, there's probably something unusual going on. Assuming you weren't taking any prescription medications when you hit puberty (hey, these days, it's entirely possible), we may be looking at one of two major causes for your testicular shrinkage.
Cause #1 – Testicular Injury
Testicular trauma can definitely cause one of your berries to wilt. Do you recall any painful, ball-related injuries that occurred in your childhood or adolescence? Perhaps a football to the groin or a skateboarding nose grind gone terribly wrong? Injury is the most common cause of testicular atrophy, so if you have memories of a certain crushing injury, that may provide a valuable clue as to what's going on here. If, however, you have not suffered testicular injury, we're probably looking at...
Cause #2 – Over-Masturbation
Can masturbation actually destroy your testicular symmetry? As a matter of fact, yet it can, and it's because God hates masturbators. Only kidding. Actually, it's a side effect of sexual exhaustion. Over-masturbation depletes your body of testosterone, and diminished testosterone can deplete the muscle mass in your testicles (and elsewhere in your body, for that matter). So maybe you've jerked your way to a crooked scrotum. It happens, but if a sexy partner ever asks you why one testicle is bigger than the other, just go with the skateboard excuse.
All Hope is Not Lost
As long as your hideous deformity isn't interfering with your sexual function, you should be okay. If you're concerned about the appearance, however, or if the atrophy is impacting your performance, there are some herbs you can take to restore some normalcy to your googly-eyed genitals. Herbs like Cistanche and Cuscuta can rejuvenate testicular tissue, while herbs like Cynomorium and Cnidium promote testicular wellness.
There are numerous herbal remedies containing these and other helpful ingredients, and since they use natural botanicals, you won't have to worry about filling your body with any nasty chemicals. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Testicular Pain Relief) Just take it easy on the masturbation, and be kind to your testicles. They have certainly been kind to you over the years.

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