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Beer-Belly Burners: Best Sex Positions for Big-Bellied Men
Men love to drink beer, and with drinking lots of beer, men can develop a large belly. According to studies, larger abdominal fat lowers a man’s testosterone levels that control sex drive. Lowered libidos aside, abdominal fat can make certain sexual positions impossible. A larger belly may prevent penetration because of the limitations caused by the girth of a man’s stomach. And for men who still want to enjoy sex, bypassing these physical limitations grant optimal pleasure and satisfaction. Performing some of these positions may even whittle a larger belly.
Discovery: Digging for Her Treasure
Recent studies found women dissatisfied about their man having a larger belly. The studies found men with larger abdominal fat were unable to engage in standard positions, e.g., doggie or missionary, because their penises could not fully penetrate a vagina.
The O Spot not only solves this physical issue, but also provides a few added bonuses. Since the woman is leaning back, her vagina is angled right under his abdominal fat so that she receives all or most of the penile penetration. Women too receive the benefit of enhanced G-spot stimulation to further their chances of reaching an orgasm.
This position even allows couples to engage in some dirty talk. According to studies, couples who communicate during sex (not just moaning and groaning) experience a heightened sense of bonding. The more fun you have as a couple, the closer your relationship will become.
Reward: Bounty Hunters
G-Marks the Spot is another team-effort type position that will heighten that feeling of mutual satisfaction. The sideways vaginal to penis angle in this position can practically make his belly blubber a non-issue. More importantly, this position can work great at eliminating abdominal fat that can cause high blood sugar levels. Why is this important? Because according to, excessive belly fat can also release fatty deposits into the bloodstream, which can cause some serious health problems such as heart disease (the No.1 cause of death in the United States), stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
Something as simple as sex can provide the proper anaerobic exercise to improve your cardiovascular system and to allay the constriction of your arteries. So why not sweat it out and burn some calories as you frolic with your partner; you’ll find it a worthy replacement to sitting on the couch with a bag of chips! 
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