From Kung Fu Grip to Loosey Goose – Tightening Things up with Ben Wa Balls

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Women's Vaginal Looseness Age: 36 - 55

A middle-aged woman is seeing several younger men and fears that they might not be getting off sufficiently on her vagina since she suspects her muscles are a little loose down there.

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I’m a woman in my late 40s and am just re-entering the dating pool out there after a recent divorce. I look like I’m in my 30s and when I wear certain revealing outfits, younger men come on to me a lot.
I am seeing several different younger guys and one of them recently mentioned in an off-hand manner that younger girls are much tighter (I think he was drunk). I fear that having my four kids might have loosened up my vagina. What can I do about this?


Janice was a cougar and she was okay with that. She’d been in a loveless marriage for twenty years and now in her 40s and recently divorced, she was prowling the local bars in search of young prey. She soon had a young man named Joey in her sights, and aggressively ended up making out with him the first time they met at a local bar, right in front of his friends.
Relentless Seduction
Quickly following up on stalking her prey, she called him the next day and convinced him that she was going to blow his mind in bed, if he’d only come over since her kids were with their father. He agreed, and she set everything up in order to sufficiently seduce him into some steamy sex. Soon after arriving, Janice shoved a glass of wine into young Joey’s (he was twenty-two) hand and then disappeared into her room in order to change outfits.
She emerged wearing a skimpy see-through lace outfit and Joey’s buzzed eyes bulged in their sockets. After some making out, she led him into her bedroom and proceeded to ride him like some sort of wild she-demon. After orgasming several times she looked down at him and noticed that he didn’t seem to be experiencing the same amount of pleasure that she was. Afterward, she never saw him again as he had blocked her phone number.

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Losing Your Grip
Giving birth is a beautiful thing indeed; heralding in a new life which a mother and father can mold into a (hopefully) complete person, with characteristics from each of the parents. Unfortunately, child birth can also spell disaster for a woman physically.That’s because women, who naturally have more body fat than men, can see a rabid increase in said body fat, and go from looking like an hourglass to appearing more like humpty dumpty.
A woman’s vaginal muscles can also expect to experience a loosening as a result of carrying an -infant down through her love canal. This can lead a man from feeling like his penis is in a kung Fu grip, to feeling more like it’s been thrust into a bowl of gelatin.
Renaissance of Tightness
First appearing in ancient China, Ben Wa Balls have recently emerged as a popular form of vaginal muscle strengthening. (SEE: Ben Wa Balls for Vaginal Tightening) These weighted balls, linked together by string, come in a variety of weights, sizes, and materials. What they all have in common is the unique ability to re-strengthen a woman’s vaginal muscles by working with her Kegel muscles.
A woman wanting to tighten things up downstairs can use Ben Wa Balls in the following fashion:
  • Fully Lubricate the balls as well as the vagina – this will enable a woman to have pain-free tightening sessions
  • Insert the balls entirely into the vagina, being careful not to shove the retraction string in there. No string = no coming out.
  • Squeeze and contract the vaginal walls on the balls for periods of five to ten seconds, then relax for the same amount of time. Do this over and over for a total of ten times
Over time and with diligence, a woman can expect to enjoy an increase in tightness, and therefore enhanced sexual pleasure. This will also ensure that her lover will be able to feel a new level of sensitivity. Keep him coming back for more!



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