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A male who has been taking herbal solutions has noticed that he is ejaculating in large quantities.

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I used to ejaculate in small or low dosages. I began taking herbal solutions and few weeks ago and have noticed that I ejaculate much more than I used to. Should I be concerned about the amount of semen that I ejaculate now?


Infertility is a problem that many men experience. It can be a frustrating and at times, an embarrassing issue. Because of this, most men who suffer from infertility do not discuss it. One of the most common symptoms and causes of infertility is a low sperm count. A low sperm count can mean a reduced amount of sperm and ejaculate overall or a reduced amount of health sperm in the ejaculate.
The amount of healthy sperm is important because of all the thousands of sperm that are expelled in ejaculate, only one can make it to the egg to fertilize it. All of the others will die. If no sperm makes it to the egg, the female is unable to become pregnant. The more ejaculate or sperm you produce, the better your chances of producing more healthy sperm and impregnating your female partner.
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Since you have been taking herbal solutions to improve your sperm count, the chances are you have previously experienced small amount of ejaculate or a low sperm count. Now that you are ejaculating larger amounts of sperm, you can feel confident that your sperm count is improving.

Don’t look at the large amount of ejaculate you produce as a problem, consider it a sign your body is functioning properly and you are in peak sexual condition. A large quantity of ejaculate is also a sign that your prostate is healthy.
If you and your partner want to get pregnant, the best time to try is now, since you are producing large amounts of health sperm. Continue to use your herbal supplements to improve your sperm count and fertility. Since you are able to produce so much healthy sperm, your body should also be able to recover from sex quickly, making you much more likely to have sex several times a day, increasing your chances or pregnancy.
When to be Concerned
A large dose of ejaculate is completely normal, especially if you have been taking herbal solutions to improve your sperm count. The only time you should be concerned about the amount you ejaculate is if the sperm begins to dribble or leak out when you are not aroused, or you experience bouts of premature ejaculation.

If your ejaculate smells strange, is discolored, contains blood or if it hurts to ejaculate, you may have an infection or other disorder and should see a physician.

What to do

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