Burning Lava –Pain Caused by Prostasis

Here we have an interesting case involving a man who is suffering from prostasis which is now causing him immense pain whenever he urinates. How can he overcome this discomforting condition?

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I have been on a number of antibiotics some of them including Doxycycline, penicillin and way too many others to remember now.
When I need to go to the toilet my bladder feels like it is on fire until I wee, because of the period of time I have had this I don’t know when my bladder is full until I get cramps in stomach, I have spent a lot of money with doctors.
I have even a letter saying "Can’t help anymore, have a nice Christmas" sometimes I have painful urination but most of the pain is after urinating, it like there is a cut underneath the head of my penis, sometimes I think I feel urine leaking and running down over the cut and it stings and I go to the toilet thinking I have leaked and nothing is there I milk the penis and no discharge at all, but yet the tip felt wet and cold, the only discharge I have is after I urinate I have to milk the penis until all gone or I will leak and feel it dribble down leg (yucky I know).


The pleasures of masturbation can be a joy to experience. It’s a great way for people to release stress, fantasize about hot people who they’d love to be with (if only in a day dream), and other similar reasons. With the rise of the porn industry, plus the fact that porn can be found for free online and is therefore all too convenient, results in many guys getting caught up in an obsessive masturbatory cycle.
Hot Lava
After a while, men may start to become dulled to stimuli as a result of—ironically—too much stimuli. Indeed, this can cause many men to see masturbation as a necessary function like taking a leak; rather than the pleasure once gained in initial climaxes. Even without porn men can play with Mr. Happy too much and not give their bodies proper rest in-between sessions, resulting in sexual burnout and a whole host of symptoms; including prostatis.
As a result of over masturbating and over ejaculating, men can cause somewhat of a chain reaction within their bodies. You’ve caused massive build-ups of cortisol, DHT, and prostaglandin E-2, which in turn have triggered you prostate to become inflamed. Imagine if you will that the rise of these factors is like a building up of super-heated lava under the Earth’s crust. After the combination of super-heated rocks, crystal, and gasses reaches a certain threshold, they can burn through the inner walls of a volcano (your prostate) and push molten streams  of lava outwards through the top of it (your penis). This is what is causing your highly unpleasant burning sensations when you urinate and/or ejaculate. So what can be done from here?
Calming the Volcano
Don’t play around with your volcano for a while until your pain issues are resolved. This may seem like a hard thing to do, but you’ve really got to look at this as something that can either go up or down; good or bad, depending on the choice that you make.
Since your stress hormones, cortisol, prostaglandin E-2, and DHT are all raging out of control, taking a natural adapt genic herbal supplement can help to repair your overtaxed liver which has been overwhelmed by these factors. (TRY: Natural Solution for Prostate Exhaustion Recovery) What these powerful botanicals can do is rejuvenate your prostate and testicles with nutrients, boost your levels of “good” hormones prostaglandin E-1 and E-3, and meanwhile reduce your DHT and prostaglandin E-2 to normal levels. All of this eventually leads to alleviating your prostate pain and discomfort, so let’s cool that volcano off from the inside out.

What to do

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