Pump Your Way to Greatness, and Other Myths About Penis Enlargement

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Every man wants a bigger penis. Well, almost everybody. Research shows that as many as 90 percent of men remain unhappy with the size of their penises. Unfortunately, this obsession with penile growth spawns bad ideas, which include dangerous myths about improving length and girth. So before you “take the matter into your own hands,” forget all of the urban legends and untruths, lest you may find yourself squatting naked over a lit candle with a pair of pliers in one hand and a jar of honey in the other. 

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Summary: Common myths about penis enlargement devices and techniques. Learn how safe are Pump, Exercise, Surgery, & Clamps
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Myth #1 – Stretches and Exercises Can Increase Your Penis Size 
While roaming Cyberspace in search of penis enlargement solutions, you have likely encountered a wealth of tutorials for Jelqing, Kegel exercises, and other at-home practices that promise to improve penis size and firmness.

These types of practices are relatively safe in moderation, but as Healthline notes, such efforts can yield long-term damage if done in excess, and they haven't actually proved to promote significant penile growth. So it's probably best to save the stretching for yoga class, and give your penis a rest. 
Myth #2 – Penis Pumps Provide an Effective and Affordable Means of Natural Growth 
No practice remains more dangerous and foolish than using a penis pump...except tying one end of a string to your penis, and the other, to the bumper of a car.

So-called vacuum pumps demonstrate little evidence that they promote significant size increases; evidence does support a bevy of tissue damage that cripples your erections from excessive use. And what's the point of having a bigger hose if you can't use it to put out fires? 
Myth #3 – Penis Enlargement Surgery Is Perfectly Safe
Penis enlargement surgeries are extremely rare, not only because they are largely ineffective and absurdly expensive, but also because they cause permanent, irreversible damage. In some cases, patients have been known to lose sexual function altogether. Is it really worth it for an extra half-inch? 
Myth #4 – Clamps Are the Way To Go 
Maybe you've seen them advertised online: tiny clamps and rings that you place along the base of your penis during an erection. In theory, the clamp locks the blood in place, causing the shaft to expand and stretch. This isn't some crazy BDSM fetish.

This is an increasingly popular means of enlargement. When used properly, clamps may yield slight growth, but you're not likely to experience significant, long-term growth, and then of course, there's the risk of permanent tissue damage from suppressed blood flow. But hey, you said you wanted a bigger penis. 
Myth #5 – You're Stuck With What You've Got 
Okay, so maybe you're feeling pretty depressed at this point. Maybe you're thinking, “Damn, there is clearly nothing I can do, so I better learn how to please women with my tongue.” Not so fast. You don't have to throw in the towel and have to make peace with the shriveled stump between your legs. In fact, you can increase your size. For starters, cut back on the masturbation. That alone can make a huge difference.

Over-masturbation depletes your HGH (which is necessary for producing penile tissue) and causes penile scarring, which inhibits blood flow. If masturbation suppression isn't enough, herbal remedies  can restore and increase hormones like testosterone, HGH and DHEA. Finally, remember that size is only one piece of the puzzle. If you let it become an obsession, that's going to hurt your sex life far more than any lack of girth. 

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11Masjis11 posted on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 12:02
I still don't understand how people have penis enlargement surgery. It sounds extremely painful and I would never let anybody perform surgery in my penis, even if it meant for a bigger penis. Besides that, I don't want some damage that will cause me to never feel anything, then what would be the point of enlargement? There wouldn't be one.
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