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Sex Position: Freeze, With Your Hands...On the Bed?

Supermodels are taught to hold a position for hours at a time. They re-shoot pose after pose to display the right angle and look. And for amateur models, a shoot can take hours to complete. You won’t be doing any professional modeling for this position, but you will be filled with alacrity in maintaining this pose. Don’t worry, the time you need to hold this position will be brief, but the intimacy and heightened bond will last awhile.   
Males will start off on their backs. Ladies, you’ll climb on top and bend your knees to assume the position. From here, ladies, you’ll be able to provide your partner with long, intimate stares. Men, you’ll want to thrust slowly, stopping your partner for a few seconds once she’s at the end of your shaft.

Why She’ll Love It:

Ladies, as you’re leaning forward, hold the position for a few seconds to gaze into your lover’s eyes or to share a kiss. This position is designed to strengthen your bond and to improve your intimacy. If you enjoy a fast, rough ride, this position is not for you. It’s a slow, gentle ride that will provide the most intimacy for lovers.

Why He’ll Love It:

Slow, deep thrust will get your partner to orgasm. Some women prefer rough and wild sex; others, slow and sensual. If your girl likes you to go at a slow pace, this position will help her reach an orgasm time and time again. While you're thrusting, make sure to stop her from time to time to share a kiss or a long stare. These small gestures will increase her intimacy and chances of reaching an orgasm.

About The Position

Sex Position Number: 125
Difficulty: Novice
Pleasure for Him: Medium
Pleasure for Her: Medium
Not Suitable For:  Peyronie's Disease
Other Positions You May Like: Touchy Feely
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low

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