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The Affects of Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome

Learn about a woman who suffers from PGAS, and what steps she can take to quell the pain.
Case #: 1176

Help! Why am I in a constant state of orgasm when I’m not doing anything to stimulate it, even when my husband and I have sex I’m still excited. My arousal has lasted as long as three days.

Women who experience an almost constant state of arousal are commonly categorized as having Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome.

Typically, a woman that suffers from this disorder will experience bouts of intense arousal that is not accompanied with sexual desire. These episodes can occur several times a day, for weeks and months on end. You may find that climaxing alleviates and calms the symptoms for a while, but in the most severe cases, the symptoms will resume within a few hours. Unfortunately, the triggers for these problems are usually difficult to pin point, and the symptoms resume suddenly without warning.
If patients who suffer from PSAS are not treated, it is possible that they may begin to experience spontaneous orgasms. Chronic sufferers say that the disorder is a debilitating condition that makes living your everyday life very difficult. If the syndrome has a hold on a woman for a long period of time, it may eventually cause her to lose any sense of real pleasure with all things sexual. Sex will become purely a temporary release from the pain.
Men And Women

PGAS in women is related to priapism in men in a lot of ways. When men develop a severe and persistent state of arousal problem, it is most commonly referred to as priapism. This occurs when a man is erect for long periods of time without sexual stimulation to fuel the arousal. In the most progressed cases of this disorder, the penis must be drained of the blood that has engorged the genital area.
Causes Of PGAS

There are numerous reasons why this syndrome may occur. One of the most common being excessive masturbation. In order to feel sexually fulfilled by the end of a sexual encounter, a woman must have a healthy balance of Oxycontin and prolactin in her bloodstream.
However, masturbation will not produce the proper amount of Oxycontin to be released. Chronic masturbation will only put you at risk of producing large amounts of prostaglandin E2 in your clitoris, urethra, and vagina. Other causes of persistent genital arousal syndrome include, large consumption of dairy products, and pregnancy.
How To Fix It

In order to alleviate the pain that comes along with PGAS, I would strongly recommend utilizing herbs such as Tumeric Root, Panax Ginseng, Milk Thistle, and Fo Ti. These natural herbs, along with numerous others, will detoxify your system and bring back your lost desire for sex. (TRY: Detoxification and Hormonal Realignment Formula) They will also expel any chemical build-up in the body, and increase the body's natural endurance.

What to do

Hormonal Realignment & Detoxification Solution

Prescription drugs, birth control medications, junk food, smoking, and prolonged exposure to environmental toxic compounds (such as PBA buildup from plastics), can contort the normal function of hormones in a woman’s body. A powerful herbal...

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