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Sex-Quakes – Tremors from Whacking the Wizard Too Much

Here we have a man who’s been playing with himself a little too much and now his body feels like some kids are using it like a trampoline. How can he restore things back to normal, and rid himself of these unwanted tremors?

Case #: 1834


I get the shakes and shivers after my orgasm. Sometimes I will go to sleep and get them later in the night. Can you help me, please?


Mark had been a naughty boy at work and was flirting with one of his co-workers, a hot new item named Jenny who was new to his office. He took it upon himself to “show her around” which meant trips to the water cooler for some talk involving sexual innuendos. All that talk about sexual harassment meant nothing to him as his member swelled up daily just gazing at Jenny’s low-cut blouse and skirt hiked all the way up practically to her butt-cheeks.

After securing her phone number they two would-be lovebirds engaged in some dirty-talk every evening while he strokes his package. He’d do this for hours every night until falling asleep after a good blast off/climax. Soon however, he started noticing slight body tremors after masturbating.

Mark assumed that his body wasn’t relaxing enough and so increased his volume of masturbation sessions, thinking that more whacking would calm his body. Things became worse and soon he started to feel as though he’d been grappling with the UFC Heavyweight Champion and had been getting his body twisted into pretzels and ran through the wringer.

Mind Saying Yes, Body Saying No

As with Mark, many men can get caught up in a vicious cycle of self-abuse; while their mind is telling them that what they are doing through their masturbation is relaxing and good for them, in reality they can be burning their bodies out. When you over masturbate or have too much sex, you can cause your body to release too many androgen hormones, which in turn triggers the overproduction of epinephrine and the reduction of cortisol and DHEA.

This can place your body into a constant “fight or flight” stressed-out state, where your body feels chronically fatigued and you may experience stiff joints, tremors, back pain and other muscular pains as well. So how do you get out of this unhappy situation that you’ve placed yourself in? Read on...

All-Natural Refresh From Within

Herbs such as Horny Goat Weed, Maca, and Ginseng, have been used for ages and ages for total body rejuvenation. Used in special botanical mixtures along with other herbs such as Saw Palmetto, and Damiana, increases their potency and specifically target your stress levels, alleviating them and giving you a soothing sense of inner calm. (TRY: Aromatherapy for Pain Relief)

As the storm settles, these concoctions can also help to bolster your mental clarity, re-balance emotions, and enhance overall mood. With these all-natural solutions, men can find a sense of inner peace and harmony, and find that prior aches, pains, and tremors, just seem to melt away. So take back your life and get up into the saddle, ready to ride down any hot damsels in distress!

What to do

Aromatherapy for Stress, Lack of Sexual Desire, Fatigue, & Many Emotional Issues

Fragrant herbs allay stress, enhance emotional outlook, and recover from fatigue. Certain oils blend well together and provide the emotional balance needed.

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