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Mind Cleanse & Addiction Control Solution

This Is How Your Nightmares Started

You started off watching porn a few times a week. Then you began watching porn and masturbating. After a few months, you were masturbating and watching porn regularly, often once or twice a day. After a few months, you noticed sex with a partner seemed lackluster. You felt unfulfilled, yet porn always seemed to get you more

excited and rock-hard. After years of watching porn and masturbating, you seem unable to maintain an erection or even hold an ejaculation for more than ten minutes.
The above-mentioned scene describes a typical downward spiral most men endure with sex addiction. Women combat similar issues, except females often experience painful orgasms and discomfort during sex. Constant masturbation can lead to sexual addiction and exhaustion, where the most addicted individuals suffer from embarrassing and painful symptoms caused by their out-of-control lifestyle.

This Solution Maybe Helpful If You:
  • Can't quit porn addiction, sex, or masturbation addiction
  • Exhibit compulsive addictive sexual behaviors
  • Feeling loneliness, rage of discomfort, or mood swings
Formulated To Fix Porn Addiction & Dirty Mind Misbehaviors Based On These Healing Herbs: 
The Emergence of Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction emerged as the newest physiological condition of the 21st century. Thanks to the Internet, men and women could easily access pornography from the privacy of their homes. No longer did they need to walk into a video store or attend a sex theater to watch private films. All a man or women needs to satisfy his or her sexual desires is a credit card and an Internet connection. Transactions are instant, and pleasures are satisfied promptly.
The privatization of sex made it easier to obtain, but privatization lead to an insidious, ineffectual outcome: millions of sex addicts. Most men and women assume that watching porn and masturbating a few times a week is harmless. Some masturbate often to allay stress. Others watch porn to spice up their relationships. What may seem as a harmless act can diminish intimacy, sensitivity, and intercourse with a spouse. When a person is sexually and mentally exhausted, soft erections, premature ejaculations, painful vaginal intercourse can all ensue.

Insula Cortex – The Dead-end Hook

Scientists have found that the Insula Cortex, located within the brain’s cerebral cortex, is responsible for re-enforcing such addictions. The Insula Cortex involves the processing of emotional experience, conscious rewarding, and decision-making. People who suffer from sex, eating, and drug addictions have bio-chemically altered their Insula Cortexes. Recent research has also determined that an injured Insula Cortex disrupts addictive patterns. [1],[2]

Your Natural Rescue - Periwinkle

Periwinkle, a plant native to Europe and Asia, contains more than 50 alkaloids beneficial in helping treat brain-associated diseases. Key alkaloids and constituents include: [3] [4] [5]

  • Vincamine
  • Reserpine
  • Reserpinine
  • Akuammicine
  • Majdine
  • Vinerine
  • Ervine
  • Vineridine
  • Tombozine
  • Vincamajine

Recently discovered alkaloids are: Vincanine, Vincanidine, Vincamone, Apovincamine, Vincaminol,

Desoxyvincaminol and Perivincine. [4] [5]

How This Formula Helps

Natural ingredients from Periwinkle, Salvia Root, Sacha Inchi, Alisma Plantago, and Gastrodia contain molecules that help increase cerebral blood flow into many regions of the mind that influence addictive behaviors. For example, Vinacamine is one of the molecules that has been analyzed for its ability to increase the blood flow to the brain without increasing blood pressure in the body. [6] [7]

Don’t Let Your Nerves Age

Additionally, the formula may even help heal various damaging and aging neurons, which explains why dementia patients are being treated with this formula. Pharmaceutical companies may even release these ingredients in botanical drugs.  [7]

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