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Diabetes and Lost Sex Drive – As if the Condition Wasn't Already Annoying Enough

Do you have diabetes? Is your sex drive taking a nose dive? You're not alone. Hear one guy's story, and learn what you can do to get your sex drive back in order.

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I'm pleased to say again that the solutions have worked for me. I've cut down a bit now because I know you have to slowly stop when you’re fully recovered, but my dad would like to try your products now.

So what can you recommend for my dad?

He's a type 1 diabetic for about 20 years. He's about 5'5", and 145 pounds, he's got a good diet and everything. But he has problems with nerve damage, so he feels tingling down there. He also has cramping, and arthritic problems. I told him to get a higher amount of omega 3's, to help reduce inflammation.

He just woke up one day and his back was sore. He notices I take all these supplements, and my health feels great, so he'd like to try. He's also had problems with depression, and anxiety. He doesn't have sex at all, and i honestly don't think he even masturbates. I'm thinking the mix of diabetes, pot smoking, drinking, and smoking killed his sex drive, thus ending the marriage to my mother. Oh well. He doesn't have any bad habits this day, but still. What can you recommend for him???.


Diabetes can be a real quality-of-life inhibitor, and it does much more than simply turn sugar into Kryptonite. Diabetes can wreak havoc on a person's sexual function, which further adds to the already debilitating condition. When a man reaches the point where he's sitting at a table eating salads with low-fat dressing, completely uninterested in the prospect of sex, it's definitely time to reach out for help. It's a good thing you came to us as soon as you did.

Diabetes and Sex – Leave My Penis Alone

Based on the connection between diabetes and low sex drive, we can estimate that Wilford Brimley probably hasn't had sex since the Carter administration, but it doesn't have to be that way. First, it's important to understand why diabetes leaves people feeling soft in the first place. There are three principles at work:

  • First, diabetes can contribute to nerve damage throughout the body. You already alluded to this, and it may account for your dad's back pain as well as his lack of libido. Penile nerve damage is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.
  • Second, diabetes causes blood vessel deterioration that interferes with the essential production of EPCs.
  • Finally, diabetes contributes to an insufficient production of endothelial cells, which produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is an essential signaling molecule required for healthy and natural sexual function. With a sufficient supply, you can kiss your sex drive goodbye (hey, that rhymes).

Then There's the Drugs and Alcohol

Based on your description, though, I fear that there is more going on here than just diabetes. Smoking, marijuana use and alcohol consumption can all contribute to loss of libido. Among other things, these drugs raise the rate of inflammatory hormones—like prostaglandin E2—inside the body, which contributes to impaired sexual function. If your dad wants to feel more alive and restore some semblance of his sex drive, it's not enough for him to simply control his blood sugar (though that's a critical part of the process). He'll also need to rid the dangerous chemicals from his life.

Sometimes It's Not Enough to Just Toss Out the Donuts

Okay, so I'm recommending healthy blood sugar management, and abstinence from drugs and alcohol. But what if that's not enough? Diabetes is a life-long struggle, and the effects will always fight back, despite your best efforts. So how can your dad get the issue under control and feel like a sexual dynamo once again?

In addition to a lifestyle overhaul, I would strongly recommend herbal remedies that stimulate blood circulation to the penile tissue, promote increased testosterone improve the condition of aging arteries. Herbs like American Ginseng, Cnidium, Dong Quai and Mucuna Pruriens are just some of the ingredients can help immensely with these processes. Try a botanical remedy that contains a combination of these herbs. [TRY: Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes]

Just hope that your dad doesn't start stealing your girlfriends

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