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Prostatitis and Painful Sex - How an inflamed prostate inhibits male reproductive functions

The male reproductive system is made up of several primary components, including the penis, testicles and prostate. Individually, these parts can experience a variety of disorders that negatively impact the overall potency of the male reproductive system.
A walnut-sized gland located just underneath the bladder, the prostate wraps around the urethra and produces the majority of the fluid found in semen. It is also subject to the development of the adverse condition, prostatitis, an infection-induced swelling of the gland that causes inflammation and results in chronic pain.
It is estimated that upwards of 50% of all men will suffer from prostatitis sometime in their lives. It is of inflammatory nature, most often characterized by burning sensations that accompany urination, and in more extreme and unfortunate cases, ejaculation. Although one might prefer to reduce the times he urinates in order to avoid such scorching discomfort, the condition actually tends to greatly increase frequency of urination.
Another unfortunate result of prostatitis is the inhibitory effect the condition has on a man’s desire to have sex. After all, who would want to work for an orgasm that was not the least bit pleasurable, but profoundly painful? Men have reported that the burning sensations they experienced during orgasm as a result of prostatitis were so distressing they had to abstain from sex until they were able to overcome the problem.
Fortunately, the condition is not new, and over the years many natural herbal remedies have been developed to treat it. The Herbal Tincture For Painful Prostatitis uses plant hormones to "coat" the hormone receptors of the prostate, thereby shrinking its tissues and cooling the sympathetic nerves that are integral to the ejaculation process. And the Supreme Botanical Solution for Prostatitis & Prostate Pain Relief is a combination of effective herbs that provide a full spectrum of anti-inflammatory prostate-specific phytonutrients to combat the ejaculatory pain and symptoms associated with the disorder.
Continued use of such natural formulas can help gradually rejuvenate the neuro-endocrine function and nitric oxide production, thereby promoting the healing of the prostate  - and eventually fully restoring the pleasurable sensations of an orgasm.  

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