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Phosphatidylserine For Your Masturbation-Concentration Issue
Fernando was sitting at his desk daydreaming about tomorrow. It was Thursday—his last day of work. Most of his workdays followed the same routine: typing, answering phones, daydreaming and repeating. His work schedule was a repetitive delirium collated with spurts of intense ambient noises that increased with his boredom level.

Fernando’s work ethic resembled a common trend among working Americans: effective at times, bored at others. Some individuals lack focus due to an inherent I-don't-give-a-crap attitude; others because of a dearth in essential nutrients. The former cannot be cured, but the later can. Poor concentration tends to occur because of an imbalance in nutrients due to poor eating habits. Other times, concentration issues occur due to an abuse in extra curricular activities, smoking, drinking and masturbating.
Umm, Can You Repeat That!
Fernando didn’t hate his job; he loved it. Yet Fernando had a hidden secret. He had a common addiction, one of porn and masturbation. His work schedule, like his sex habits, followed a routine. He would watch a bit of porn, masturbate, ejaculate and repeat.

Fernando used his addiction to alleviate stress, to remove that pent up sexual frustration and to free himself from the urges he felt. While a bit of hanky panky can help a man or woman’s mood improve, it too can exude essential neurochemicals vital to the body. During masturbation, the body loses a gamut of neurochemicals, prostaglandin E1, epinephrine, prolactin, cortisol, DHEA, get the idea.

The continual loss of these neurochemicals leads to some unwanted effects, including decreased sex drive, body inflammation and even poor memory and concentration. Men and women in Fernando’s case may be masturbating a bit too much. They may be drinking too much alcohol. They may even be smoking a little bit too much Mary Jane. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol or sex, the mind needs the proper nutrients to help focus.
Now, I Remember!
Men and women suffering from poor concentration issues tend to lack an important cognitive chemical known as Phosphatidylserine. Found in foods, Phosphatidylserine is known for improving age-related memory problems, including the one Fernando had. Men and women addicted to sex, drugs or alcohol tend to deplete their Phosphatidylserine levels faster than those who avoid these habits. By elevating the level of Phosphatidylserine, men and women can see concentration levels improve thanks to the
  • Improved cerebral metabolism for better dilation of blood vessels
  • Increased neuron usage of glucose and oxygen
Men and women who take foods and supplements high in Phosphatidylserine concentrations can see improvement in work and school-related tasks. If you feel like Fernando, lacking focus due to excessive masturbation habits, take supplements with Phosphatidylserine for better concentration.

Phosphatidylserine is a major driver for these mind restoration formulas:
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