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Open for Business – How to Have Great Sex Despite Vaginal Looseness
Vaginal looseness plagues millions of women, and it can be quite embarrassing. It makes sex more difficult for not only you, but also your partner. You've heard the expression “throwing a hot dog down a hallway.” Well that's a bit melodramatic, but we do feel your pain. In fact, some women have spent thousands of dollars on surgeries to tighten themselves up. These surgeries are still largely experimental, and in fact, they're quite unnecessary. So before you turn your vagina into some doctor's next sewing project, we'll discuss how you can improve your sex life and even minimize the looseness naturally.
**Myth: A virgin's vagina is extremely tight, and having sex loosens it.**
The Causes of Vaginal Looseness
The causes of vaginal looseness are as diverse as women themselves. They include heredity (thanks, mom), childbirth (thanks, kids), menopause (thanks, God), age, birth control, certain medications and even vibrator use. Sometimes, the problem isn't looseness per se, but over-lubrication of the vagina. Too much moisture makes it difficult to produce a desirable amount of friction during sex, and this issue is typically hormonal in nature. By understanding how these problems occur, we can better remedy the situation.
The problem with hormones is that they manipulate the circulation and blood flow to the vaginal tissues and nerves. As a result, the walls of the vagina become less firm, and that can greatly diminish sexual satisfaction.
Some Quick Fixes
If you're struggling to achieve the desired firmness during penetration, Psychology Today recommends going with the “man-on-top” sexual position. Once the penetration begins, close your legs slightly. This will improve the experience immediately. Squeeze with your thighs for even greater satisfaction. Second, you might try using a textured condom to improve the level of friction. If the looseness itself is bothering you, there are remedies for that as well. (SEE: Vaginal Restoration & Detox Relief)
Before you run off to the cosmetic surgeon, you should understand that vaginal loosening is reveresible. Hormones like prostaglandin E-1 and E-2 work together to maintain vaginal firmness, and if that firmness diminishes, you may have a hormonal imbalance at work. Certain herbs, like Rehmannia Glutinosa, Dioscorea Opposita, Muira Puama, can restore the necessary hormones, allowing you to contract those muscles more fully and easily. Additional herbs, like Bupleurum and Chinese Milk Thistle, help to expel the toxins left by birth control pills, and that alone can make a very big difference.
**Persistent vaginal looseness is often a sign of a hormone imbalance.**
Enjoy the Best Sex of Your Life
Most importantly, don't buy into the myths about vaginal looseness and firmness. Your vagina isn't like some rubber band that gets stretched out and never returns to its original size. It's just a series of muscles and nerves that expand and contract. That's good news, because it means that we have some control over the matter. So skip the dangerous surgeries and take care of yourself. Chances are, your partner isn't nearly as worried about it as you are.
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