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What’s Up With Butts: Why is Everyone Anal About Anal Lately?
It’s still a taboo subject. There isn’t much information about it; some want to try it, some have already, and some are completely disgusted by the very idea. It seems like everyone knows about it, but no one understands it. Anal sex is becoming more and more openly bruited, but no less notorious. Who’s really behind the behind fixation?
There’s no denying anal intercourse holds a certain attraction for those among us with more, shall we say, atypical tastes, but the idea of anal sex has been gaining ground even with those you would never suspect. Obviously, you can’t judge who will or won’t be interested in niche sexual practices from the outset, but more and more “normies” are heading towards the back door.
Rear Entry Advances
Men have been openly expressing a desire for anal sex for a few decades, but now we’re seeing women opening up about it as well. What’s causing this lateral emigration? Dr. Shannon Freely, an eminent sexual psychologist, has her own ideas. “I believe the current fascination with anal intercourse stems from two differing sexual issues,” she says. “In the first, a Puritanical condemnation of vaginal sex has young partners attempting other, more vaguely-termed forms of intercourse. The other, polar, issue, is that sex has become such a common and familiar concept that lovers are seeking out more novel pleasures to make sex ‘interesting’ once more.”
Don’t Be Anal About It
In both cases, Dr. Freely thinks there is a great deal that needs to be dealt with. “It’s not healthy to suppress sexual instinct in such a way that it finds new outlets in previously taboo avenues. For people to engage in a healthy activity in a repressed, unhealthy way is going to create psychological problems down the line.”
While she doesn’t have any issue with exploring new sexual practices as a way to spice up sex, Dr. Freely asserts that both partners need to become familiar with the best practices of the anal sex before attempting it. “Anal sex is something that’s not safe to just try on the spur of the moment,” she laughs, “You really need to be prepared, or couples can wind up with nasty results.”
Butt Busters
Results like what? “You can damage the anus or rectum by engaging in anal sex without proper lubrication, or while under a state of stress.” Pink sock? Totally a real thing. And infections can happen by switching between the anus and the vagina, spreading germs like E. coli. It’s never safe to go from anal to vaginal intercourse without first cleaning the penis or sex toy.
One thing Dr. Freely has noticed in her studies of this phenomenon, “People seem most concerned about the presence of fecal matter during the sex act. Really, I think it’s the biggest issue for those who want to try anal.” She recommends that people first try an enema, before attempting anal. It relaxes the person regarding anal manipulation, and also fully cleanses colon of fecal matter.
The No-Poo Procedure
Enemas clean much more completely than anal douches. (SEE: Thourough Cleaning with Enemas) The reason is because a larger volume of water is contained within the colon, which, when it is released, scours the inside of the colon, rectum and anus. “As long as warm water is used, and the process is slow and without anxiety, enemas are a painless and effective way to completely cleanse the anus for sex,” recommends Dr. Freely.
If you are considering adding a new facet to your sexual experience, or just want to be sure of some good clean fun the next time you and your partner are having anal sex, an enema can be pave the way for a healthy, sanitary anal intercourse. There are lots of options to choose from, as far as enema bags, and even the specific solutions you can use, so you’re sure to find one that works best for you.
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