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Viapal-HGH Formulas From Lin Institute - Practical Overview and Benefits

Dr. Lin is a revered sexual health practitioner and creator of Viapal-HGH Formula for men and women, individuals can regain their sexual vitality to enjoy what they love: sex!

Created using all-natural ingredients, Viapal-HGH Formula acts as the base formula that combines with other herbs to alleviate symptoms of sexual fatigue, weak erections, hormonal imbalances, vaginal dryness and insensitivity, and symptoms of sexual exhaustion. Below is a comprehensive chart to help you pick the right Viapal formula for your problems.

Men'sViaPal-hGH-AMental & Sexual Exhaustion Herbal Formula For MenOver Masturbation
anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, lack of concentration, mood swings, poor memory, headache, sleep disorder
Men'sViaPal-hGH-MFibromyalgia & Sexual Exhaustion FormulaOver Masturbation
chronic fatigue, blurred vision, buzzing ear, eye floaters, headache, sexual exhuastion
Men'sViaPal-hGH-VRemedy For Severe Stage of Sexual ExhaustionOver Masturbation
chronic Fatigue, soft erection, pe, thinning hair, mood swings, low back pain, headache
Men'sViaPal-hGH-NErectile Formula For Addictive Stage of Sexual ExhaustionImpotence, Weak Erection
early ejaculation, soft erection, blurred vision, lower back pain, sleep disorder, thinning hair
Men'sViaPal-hGH-OErectile Pain Remedy For Severe Addictive StageImpotence, Penis Pain & Injury
erection pain, painful ejaculation, painful penis
Men'sViaPal-hGH-SErectile Dysfunction Formula For Men With DiabetesImpotence, Weak Erection
Men'sViaPal-hGH-XRemedy for ED with High Blood PressureImpotence, Weak Erection
soft erection
Men'sViaPal-hGH-JPenile Enlargement & Hardness For The Active LifestylePenis Enlargement, Youth Impotence
penis shrinkage
Men'sViaPal-hGH-DPenile Injury Remedy For Harder Erection RecoveryPenis Pain & Injury, Impotence
penis injury, weak erection
Men'sViaPal-hGH-PHerbal Remedy For Penis Shrinkage & NumbnessPenis Pain & Injury
soft erection, penis shrinkage, blurred vision, buzzing ear, eye flater
Men'sViaPal-hGH-CYouth Formula For Premature Ejaculation Caused By Excessive MasturbationPremature Ejaculation
early ejaculation, young adult
Men'sViaPal-hGH-EAndropause & Premature Ejaculation FormulaMale Menopausel , Premature Ejaculation
early ejaculation, male low sex drive
Women'sViaPal-hGH-JFeminine Formula - Combat Sexual Side Effect From Medications or HypothyroidismFemale Low Sex DriveLow sex drive and orgasm dysfunction caused by birth control pills & thyroid problems
Women'sViaPal-hGH-DRestoring Remedy For Vaginal Insensitivity & LoosnessVaginal Insensitivity, Vaginal LoosnessVaginal Loosness and insensitivity caused by hormonal imbalance
Women'sViaPal-hGH-SSexual Dysfunction Formula For Diabetic WomenFemale Low Sex DriveLow sex drive and orgasm dysfunction caused by diabetes
Women'sViaPal-hGH-EFormula For Excessive Vaginal Discharge & Orgasm DysfunctionsVaginal Discharge, Orgasm DifficultyAbnormal & excessive vaginal discharge caused by birth control pills
Women'sViaPal-hGH-PHerbal Formula For Vaginal & Clitoral NumbnessVaginal Insensitivity
Vaginal & clitoral numbness caused by hormonal imbalance & birth control pills
Herb Breakdown

The secret to Viapal-HGH Formula’s success is in its ingredients of herbs. Here’s an overview of just some of the herbs found in the formula.

Avena sativa: Most know Avena sativa by its traditional name: oats. As part of cereals and breads, oats serves as an essential sexual enhancer known for calming nerves, boosting sexual endurance and healing damaged ejaculatory nerves and vaginal muscles. Benefits include: reducing premature ejaculation, improving blood flow and enhancing libido in both men and women.
Dong quai: A native to the shores of China, Dong Quai, known by its American counterparts as Ginseng, helps reduce prostate inflammation while regulating menstruation.  Benefits include: reducing PSA levels, regulating menstrual cycles, and reducing vaginal and prostate pain.
Griffonia: Found peppered throughout the tepid climates of West Africa, Griffonia seeds provide the body with 5-HTP, an essential neurotransmitters known to balance mood. Men and women who suffer from severe mood swings or symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or male menopause greatly benefit from Griffonia. Benefits include: balacing hormone levels to provide a more stable mood.

Evening primrose: A native species to North America, Evening primrose contains high levels of GLA acid, a fatty acid known to help reduce inflammation and fight breast pain during menstruation as well as prostate inflammation. Benefits include: a reduction in vaginal and prostate pain, reduction in menopause and premenstrual syndrome, and anti-aging properties.  

Maca: Native to the tepid climates of South America, Maca improves glucose tolerance, enhances anti-oxidant levels and lowers LDL level, making it the perfect ingredient for men with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Benefits include: increasing sex drive in both men and women, boosting erection quality inhibited by high cholesterol and enhancing erectile capacity stymied by SSRI drugs.

Valerian root: Known as the all-natural sleep aid, Valerian decreases the time it takes to fall asleep. Thanks to the herb’s ability to regulate nerve cells and calm the mind, depressed and sexually exhausted men and women benefit the most. Benefits include balancing hormone levels and enhancing sleep to reduce stress.

Many research reports have found that herbal constitiuents within these herbs have various phytochemicals that provided the basic building blocks for various hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors. Since these herbal combination are very beneficial to sex organs, both men and women versions of ViaPal prove as valued and trusted allies in the fight against sexual dysfunctions.

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