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Masturbation Mishaps, Mix-ups, And Dry-outs
So we all love to masturbate…right? Of course we do! No one else will ever love your body the way you can. It's a great way to explore your own sexuality, and to see what exactly brings you pleasure. I am a firm believer of 'self love,' because we are then able to take that knowledge and utilize it in the bedroom with our partners.
However, there is also the possibility of too much self love, especially for women. Think about it, have you ever been enjoying a little “you time,” and all of a sudden things get not so slick anymore? That's because women who masturbate at a high volume greatly increase their chances of exhausting their progesterone and estrogen levels. Basically, this causes a woman to dry out after becoming sexually aroused.
If this scenario sounds familiar to you, do not be embarrassed. One of the biggest myths that surround vaginal dryness is that only women who are experiencing menopause are basically the only women who should be experiencing vaginal dryness. This is not true at all. Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages have been touched by vaginal dryness.
Down And Out
Another common tall tale about this particular condition is that it is rare. In actuality, it is probably one of the most common problems we as women can go through during our lives. As I mentioned before, vaginal dryness occurs when our body's hormonal balances shift. Estrogen is essentially the hormone that regulates such functions as the menstrual cycle and sodium intake. If our estrogen levels are thrown off in any way it can greatly affect a woman's fluid levels within her body, subsequently this may result in the loss of moisture within the vaginal wall.
Things like excessive masturbation, a change in soaps or shower gel, or detergents can affect that estrogen level. In some more rare cases, women who've taken to excessive hot baths have actually caused their vagina's to become dried out.
Fix It Fast
Luckily, there are natural herbs and remedies that can easily set us back on the right track. Herbs such as Wild Yam are great for restoring vaginal moisture. (SEE: Vaginal Dryness Moisturizing Wild Yam Gel) Twelve edible species of wild yam contain the cure for almost all issues that come along with menopause and sexual dysfunction. This specific type of yam contains diosgenin, which is a chemical that can actually be made into estrogen and DHEA.
With a renewed amount of female sex hormone running throughout the body, the vaginal walls will once again become well lubricated.
It's funny to think about, something we consider to be the smallest bodily function can have the biggest impact on our health and comfort ability. Without proper lubrication, female genitals tend to become irritated. The vagina may start to itch with a burning sensation that seems practically unbearable. Definitely something I'm sure a lot of my fellow vagina tribe members could do without. That's why I live by my own golden rule, 'staying wet is always best!'
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