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The Rise of Penile Weights; The Decline of Penile Size

By his 20th birthday, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the once skinny Austrian kid who weighed 150 pounds, captured the title of Mr. Universe. At the time of his coronation, he was weighing 235 pounds-- and deadlifting 700 pounds. In a span of five years, this scrawny kid had risen to the pinnacle of every bodybuilder’s dream. But this story isn’t about Arnie’s rise to fame as a bodybuilder, it’s about the inspiration Schwarzenegger created for all men: The idea that any man could transform his body into a larger, more masculine figure with hard work, discipline—and most importantly—a few weights.  

Content Summary

Dangers of Penile Weights: Potential Risks
An Examination of the Claims Manufactures Make About Penile Weights
A Real Solution to Increasing Your Size

Penile weight manufactures would use this marketing ploy to promise men the same notion: If a man remained discipline, if he worked hard and if he correctly used weights, he could achieve a larger penis. And it’s promises and marketing techniques like theses that have helped propel the sex-toy industry into a 15 billion dollar juggernaut.
But the promise of a large penis is nothing without actual results.
Instead of capturing revered titles like Mr. Olympian or Mr. Universe, men wanted to seize the title of Mr. Stud and Mr. Hung. And while all size-inhibited men had these aspirations, few ever earned these personal achievements; more noticed penile injuries, penis shrinkage and penile deformities because of the weights.   

Potential Dangers of Penile Weights

Before you read further, this content is not meant to bash, belittle or deter you from using penile weights; it’s intended to educate and encourage you to try safer, more effective means of enlargement. Weights, when used accordingly and under the strict direction of the product guidelines, may increase the length of your penis. But any deviation from the guidelines or safety measures can result in the following:

  • Discomfort
  • Bruising
  • Impotence
  • Blood vessel ruptures
  • Penile shrinkage

While most penile weight manufactures bill their products as “safe and effective,” all come with added risks. For example, one manufacturer of a penile weight device states,
“I accept no responsibility for your education and, as the disclaimer indicates, make no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding its efficacy or safety.”
In other words: If you hurt yourself, it’s your own fault.

Question About Penis Weights From the Community and Answers From the Experts

The Herballove community and experts will answer all of your questions about penis enlargement and penile weights, including product recommendations, diet tips, advice for reversing penile injuries and proper lifestyle choices for enlargement and recovery from injuries.

False Claims Examined

While most weight manufactures claim to “enlarge the penis” with a few pounds of weight and a couple of minutes a day, little evidence supports any of these claims. The inordinate stretches with even one or two pounds for five to 10 minutes can cause enough tissue damage that bruises--or worse--leads to impotence.
Men who lack patience, especially, place more weight than recommended. Men who place too much weight, like men who bench more weight than they can handle, risk injury. A weight lifter is always reminded by professionals: Never place more weight than you can handle. The same principle applies to penile weights. Placing too much weight too soon can lead to serious injuries.

Better Methods for Enlargement

Most men might acknowledge the dangers of penile weights, but still need a resolution to an unanswered question: How do I achieve penis enlargement, then? Men still in search of a better, more effective means of enlargement do have options. For length enlargement, men may want to try Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth. Backed by scientific studies and supported by hundreds of users, the solution helps

  • Add inches to current length and width
  • Enhance results for all penis stretching and exercises, like Penile Ballooning

Arnie may have inspired a culture phenomenon that made weights and weightlifting cool, but he subsequently started an unintentional idea that penile weight manufactures could profit from. Sure, every man wants to increase his penis size, but the risks for increasing your size seem too high. If you want to increase your size, conduct plenty of research and remain skeptical of methods that could lead to injuries.

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