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Behind the Curve - A study of the cause and treatments of Peyronie’s Disease

You’re going at it with gusto. Your woman is riding you hard. She’s on top. She’s in control. The profound wetness of her love zone makes it possible for her to bounce with lubricated fury. Suddenly, she thrusts too far up, not realizing that your hard penis has been released from her widely accommodating vagina. On her return, it happens in an instant – instead of reentering her, your penis misses the mark and is crushed against her pelvis, injured by the force of her velocity. Though it was just a split-second mishap, you’ll never be the same.
This type of injury, caused by an accident incurred during vigorous sexual intercourse, can cause small tears in the tissue of the erect penis. Ruptured blood vessels bleed internally, inducing abrupt consolidations of the tissue. If the trauma is particularly severe, deformities and growth stunts will develop in the form of Peyronie's Disease.
An extreme, unnatural curving of the erect penis is the primary characteristic of Peyronie's Disease. Abnormal healing from the affliction can result in the development of thickened layers of fibrous scar tissue (plaque). The tough tissue and calcium deposits may result in lumps, a perceived deformity visible even when the penis is flaccid. When the penis grows and hardens, the affected areas’ scar tissue pulls the penis to an angle, causing an unnatural bend. The plaque is not necessarily harmful, it’s not cancerous, but this condition can be painful, making sexual intercourse quite difficult.


It’s hardly an isolated matter. In fact, the disease is quite common. It is believed up to ten percent of all men are affected. Treatment options are wide and varied. If the condition doesn't initially improve on its own, a doctor may suggest a certain oral medication. It’s a type of treatment that is effective only during the first year after the injury occurred, and is designed to dissolve the troublesome plaque as it is forming.
Surgery is generally effective in restoring normal erections, although each of the choices of methods can cause unwelcome side effects, such as a partial loss of (or weak) erection and penis shrinkage. Doctors usually suggest surgery only when absolutely necessary, when patients experience the combination of a deformed penile appearance, pain during intercourse and prolonged poor erection quality.
Dietary supplements in the form of organic, healthy herbs are also thought to be effective in the natural recovery and healing of the penile curve disorder. It takes time to resolve the plaque, especially the fibrous tissue formations that have been hardened over a long period of time. There is a formula that specifically contains potent and nourishing herbs that are aimed to stimulate the body toward regeneration and rejuvenation. It contains Gotu Kola, an Indian herb used for healing skin and connective tissue. It also features L-carnitine, an amino acid shown to reduce penis curvature. Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) heals abnormal fibrous tissue. Yohimbe bark expands the blood vessels in the penis and increases blood flow and nitrous oxide production, both important for achieving an erection. The formula is called the Herbal Remedy For Penile Fibrotic Tissue Damage & Curvature.


Of course, it’s always best to exercise caution when it comes to your penis. Be preventative; don’t put yourself in a situation that may put your penis at risk. Enjoy sex as you normally would, but be mindful of the possible complications. Sometimes an injury can’t be helped; if you do become afflicted with the disease, be comforted by the array of effective treatment options that are available to restore you to normalcy.

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