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Many Skeptics Wondered: Can Too Much Masturbation Cause Pimple, Acne, & Oily Skin?

We watch sex a lot. I mean it’s everywhere, on billboards, magazine ads, commercials, and movies.

Take Kyle, he’s a twenty-something year old male, goes to college and studies very hard. He comes off as anti-social and hard working, but when working so much there’s hardly any time for basketball or eating a full meal. These are all things he used to do, until he switched majors and took on three different minors.

He wants to work hard not just for his professors, but for his future employers.
When no one is around, Kyle masturbates. It’s a quick release that can be healthy in a sustained and conservative pattern, but with the final exams coming up he resorts to masturbating over four times a day, although some days he can’t even reach that level. After his study sessions, he’s feeling less and less of his sex drive and more exhaustion and stress. 
With no time on his hands and more dormitory group dates coming up, he’s feeling left out and alone. He figured: "Not that I could get a date anyways, my acne medicine stopped working months ago."
Foul Symptomatic Perceptions
Two common misconceptions cause difficult and painful acne in most men today: I need to eat like a man and I need to perform like a man.
Eating like a man often translates into eating salty and hardy foods, while ignoring important vegetables with minerals and vitamins to feed the brain. They bulk up with protein shakes often not understanding how harmful they can be on the digestive system.
Most men think they need to be hard all the time and can cum more than their partners. A misguided way to practice this performance is to well, spank the monkey many times a day. Men can gather this belief from watching porn, sometimes their only source for a view on sex, instead of actually reading articles about a healthy sexual life.

This lifestyle shortens serotonin and testosterone levels in the body, actually depleting the sex drive, not strengthening it.
Healthy Dietary and Mental Routines
Eating more vegetables sounds like a weak thing to do, after all, it’s important that men distinguish themselves from women right? Wrong. It’s more important to correct and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Increasing vegetables and cutting down on greasy food and fried fare produces more energy for exercise routines.

Tackling this routine takes will power, since the taste buds will tell them to keep eating like they did before. 
The next step takes more effort than anything else. Men need to stop masturbating. Excessive masturbation causes an alternation in steroidogenic enzymes, responsible for conversion of testosterone into DHT. Too much of DHT in your androgen receptors develop more acne. Everywhere.
A good way to coax better release routines is to increase mental clarity through an herbal remedy. A mixture of Green Tea, Rehemannia, Tumeric Root, Vinpocetine and Sacha Inchi balances out hormone levels. Rehmannia and Sacha Inchi are vital to inhibitory neurotransmitters, which can regulate performance anxiety while the Turmeric Root produces high alertness. 
With a better dietary and mental routine, Kyle could see his healthy skin come back over time and the acne breakouts lessen. If he trusts in his ability to take care of his body, the remedy can be a great step toward better overall wellness. And that’s what real men do anyways.
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