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Personal hygiene remains an important part of maintaining overall health. Hygiene is certainly important for making a good impression on other people, especially during intercourse. Despite the millions of dollars spent by government agencies around the world, not to mention the millions of advertising dollars dolled out by skin-care companies, most guys still don't wash their penises.

Because humans associate foul smells with bad health, a “stinky winkie” probably isn't going to see any action.
It's A Jungle Down There: The Importance (And Dangers) of Skin
The 2-square meters of your skin houses an array of life forms, including bacteria and even fungi, organisms that survive on skin secretions and dead skin cells. These organisms provide benefits like preventing harmful bacteria from colonizing your skin. However, these organisms too create the common causes of body odor, like penis smell. Meanwhile, the sweat, feces and urine can increase the stench.
Your penis spends most of its time tucked under your clothes, and despite the weather, you will still sweat, which increase the smell. Whenever you use the toilet, you accumulate small, but measurable amounts of your own waste, including feces and urine.

Urine and feces can produce their own smells, and if you leave both alongside your own flock of microorganisms to eat, the smells will worsen.
What Am I Supposed To Do?
All you need is a supply of warm, clean water and gentle soap. Specialized tools are necessary only if you lack the physical ability to reach the areas in question. Remember to wash the entire penis, from the tip to the base. Then clean the area between the testicles and the anus.

If you have foreskin, pull the skin back and clean underneath. Use the same amount of pressure you would on other body parts to prevent irritation.
Make good penis hygiene a habit, and who knows, perhaps you will find yourself getting help from your lover in the morning. If you really can't get ride of the foul odor, try natural remedy that contain Myrica Rubra to help you out.
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