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Sex Education - Buyer’s Guide to Condoms

Just like shopping for shoes.

From the pre-lubricated to the her-pleasure condoms, a man has options. With so many choices, it leaves men with many unanswered questions. Some want to find the best condoms for added stimulation; others, for satisfying just her needs. Whether your goal is to give her insides a warm, tingling sensation or to provide an extra stimulant, you have options, plenty of them.

Some cmpare condom shopping like a car shopping: You have your high-end models, your mid-range choices and your regular, it-gets-the-job-done editions. No matter which option you choose, condoms can provide a safe, affordable means of birth control.

Wearing a condom can significantly reduce the chances of pregnancy and STDs. Remember to always check the condom's expiration date and be sure to check for rips in a condom while having sex.

First-Time Buyers: Purchase an assortment pack. Variety packs let you sample differnt types of condoms to help you find the perfect kind for you and your partner. Never be embarrased when buying condoms. Be proud that you are practicing safe sex.

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High-End Models: Ultra Thin and Ultra Pleasure Intensifiers

The price reads 6.99 for a pack of three, a steep cost for three rubberized condoms. Just like a higher-end car, a costly condom includes added bonuses, such as thinness and heightened pleasure. Most men (and women) agree: a lighter frame adds to an improved sensation. A man can feel every thrust in the areas it matters most.

The downside to any higher-end model: maintenance and cost. Thinner designs can rip easier, making couples more cautious. While the Pleasure intensifiers, such as his or her pleasures, come with added costs.

Who’s it best For? High-end models are ideal for couples looking for added pleasures. If you know your lady dislikes the rubberized sensation, try a thinner design—just be sure to check for any rips every so often. If you want to make the first time memorable, you might want to try a pleasure intensifier, such as a his/her sensations.

Condom shopping is like car shopping: You have your high-end models, your mid-range choices and your regular, it-gets-the-job-done editions.
Mid-Range Models

Sometimes the maintenance and costs of higher-end condoms may be reason enough to avoid purchasing them. Other times, you want less ostentatious features: such as added flavors or extra headroom. Mid-range models offer the perfect alternative for getting added bonuses without the extra costs. From flavored to ribbed condoms, these mid-range models get the job done—and they do it in style.
Who’s it best for? If you like a bit more headroom, ribbed sensation or an added aroma to your love making, a mid-range model will be ideal.

Everyday Editions

Everyday condoms do not come with added bonuses. They do not have fancy names. They may not even come in alluring boxes. These plain, everyday condoms offer protection and satisfaction.

Who’s it Best for? Anyone with a desire to have safe sex.

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